Water Damage Restoration in Biloxi, Mississippi

Between flooding, storms, plumbing problems, and roof leaks, the potential causes of water damage in the Biloxi, MS area are numerous. When your home or business has suffered water damage, you can count on our team at Action Restoration for fast, professional water damage restoration services anywhere in Biloxi or the surrounding areas. We offer 24/7 emergency service and have one of the largest inventories of commercial drying equipment in the region.

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Our Water Restoration Services in Biloxi

At Action Restoration, we have been serving the Biloxi, MS area for over 20 years, providing a full selection of water restoration services.

Our water damage restoration services for Biloxi, MS include:

  • Water damage assessment – The first step in the restoration process is assessing the damage. Our team can respond in as little as 24 hours in the Biloxi, MS area and we will inspect your home or business for damage like cracks, leaks, stains, or other problems. We will also evaluate the building’s contents for damage, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and personal items.
  • Water extraction – Removing any remaining water is important to stop water damage. Our experts will use commercial vacuums, pumps, and other equipment to eliminate any standing water and start the drying process.
  • Structural drying – Materials like insulation, drywall, and carpets act like sponges, soaking up large amounts of water. Once the majority of water has been removed with vacuums and other methods, we will use dehumidifiers and desiccants to remove any remaining moisture. Our experts will monitor the process with humidity gauges and moisture meters to ensure the job is done properly.
  • Storm & flood damage restoration – Natural disasters and inclement weather in Biloxi, MS can cause significant water damage in a matter of hours. We can provide all the services you need to recover from a storm or flood, including structural drying, cleaning, decontamination, content restoration, and building repairs.
  • Structural water damage restoration – Hidden water damage is a major concern after a major water intrusion. With equipment like thermal imaging systems, we can find hidden water damage in floors, ceilings, and walls, allowing us to repair it properly and ensure your building is safe.
  • Burst pipe & plumbing leak cleanups – Burst pipes and other plumbing problems in your Biloxi, MS home or business can cause extensive water damage quickly. At Action Restoration, we can help you assess the damage, extract the water, and make any necessary repairs.
  • Sewage backup & overflow cleanups – When wastewater backs up and spills out of drain or sewer pipes, not only can it cause water damage, but it can also cause illnesses. Our experts can clean up the affected area, decontaminate it, and repair any damage caused by the spill.
  • Mold remediation – Whenever water is able to soak into the structure of a building, mold is a potential concern. It can hide in areas like wall cavities, basements, or floors, and it can lead to significant health problems. At Action Restoration, our mold specialists can find and eliminate mold from your home or business safely, even in locations that are difficult to reach.

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When you have water problems at your Biloxi home or business, be sure to give our team at Action Restoration a call for professional, cost-effective water damage restoration services.

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