Fire Damage Restoration Services

Action Restoration Provides Fire Damage Repair in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida

Fires cause catastrophic damage, both in scale and severity. Charring, blacking, and disintegrated infrastructure are the most obvious signs of collapse, but water and smoke damage leave their marks. The mere act of putting out a fire can render furnishings and decor unusable.

Smoke damage has subtler effects, discoloring your possessions and causing odor. After a few days, you might notice yellowing, peeling, and even rust. In any case, our full-time team at Action Restoration has all the training and skills necessary to address fire damage in your home and your business. 

Explore your fire restoration options by calling 800-760-9081 or contacting us online.

Our Gulf Coast Fire Restoration Services

Fires cause complex, varied damage, but at Action Restoration, we know how important it is to restore your space after this catastrophic event. Our fire restoration services include: 

  • Emergency services: During the first 24 hours, we’ll begin extracting water, repairing roofs, deodorizing, and air scrubbing
  • Boarding up: Temporary board-ups to protect your undamaged infrastructure. 
  • Cleaning: We’ll remove ash and soot residue before we move on to more comprehensive restoration because it can slowly eat away at your belongings. 
  • Removal and processing: We’ll safely remove destroyed items and document them for your insurance claims. 
  • Storage: Our storage package will take care of your possessions before your building is repaired. 
  • HVAC duct and filter cleaning: Soot and ash are dangerous to inhale, but fires can lead to many other contaminants and pathogens. We’ll make sure your ducts are free of those pollutants. 
  • Electronic restoration: We have the skill to repair damaged electronic items and digital equipment. 
  • Soot removal and deodorization: Fires leave a lingering scent that’s tough to remove. We’ll make sure your building smells fresh and pleasant when you return. 

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

We start restoring your property within the first 24 hours following a fire. Once we’ve assessed the extent of the damage, we’ll start the containment process. This involves addressing leaks and holes that can lead to further damage. We’ll also isolate soot and painstakingly remove smoke damage.

Structural drying will address the effects of sprinklers and extinguishers to prevent mildew from increasing. Next, we’ll remove items that are too damaged to restore and address standing water. The restoration process will follow. We’ll repair infrastructure and furnishings, clean your ducts, and restore your electronics. Our soot removal strategy will include deodorization to restore the fresh scent of an unpolluted environment. 

What To Do After a Fire 

The sooner you begin the restoration process, the more fire damage you can prevent. Even the smallest fire can result in debris, soot, and standing water, so it’s best to contact Action Restoration on the day of the fire. The blaze could have caused safety hazards, so never step inside your business after a fire unless an inspector has declared it safe.

Next, contact your insurance company and ask for a copy of the fire report. When your restoration team arrives, you can help the team decide which items have sentimental value. Replacement is often cheaper than repair, so you can play a core role in decision-making. 

Why Choose Action Restoration in the Gulf Coast? 

Action Restoration has one overarching goal:  to restore your space and peace of mind. We handle fire damage restoration throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We also employ over 100 disaster restoration professionals, meaning prompt, reliable results. Our headquarters are right at the heart of the Gulf Coast area, so we’ll arrive on-site quickly enough to mitigate further damage.

We’ve participated in restoring some of the region’s most severe natural disasters. No other fire restoration company does more to get business back after interruption from catastrophe, flood, or microbial threats.

Start recovering after a catastrophic fire with the help of Action Restoration. Call (800) 760-9081 or contact us online to get started today.

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