Industries Served

Action Restoration provides comprehensive disaster recovery, restoration, cleaning, and decontamination services to a wide assortment of industries and properties. Our team maintains the knowledge, certifications, and equipment necessary to address the unique needs of various industries.

Industrial Properties

Our team offers comprehensive restoration, decontamination, and sanitation services for industrial properties such as warehouses, factories, refineries, and other facilities. This includes emergency and remediation services to address issues such as water or fire damage, asbestos in a property, and mold, smoke, or odor removal. We also offer HVAC and ductwork cleaning and surface decontamination.

Offshore and Maritime Vessels

Cleaning, sanitizing, and decontaminating any space can be a challenge — adding the unique dimensions of providing those services offshore or on a maritime vessel elevates it to a task exclusively for well-trained and well-equipped specialists. At Action Restoration, our team has the training and certified for the following offshore support services, including:

  • Cruise ships
  • Offshore platforms
  • Boats
  • Tugboats
  • Drillships
  • And more!

Commercial Properties 

When your commercial property needs help getting back into safe operating conditions with minimal downtime, Action Restoration can help. Whether that means resolving water damage and mold after a hurricane, removing asbestos, cleaning HVAC, ducts, and surfaces to keep your team healthy, or eliminating the leftover damage and odors after a fire, we’ll have you back to normal with as little time wasted as possible. Commercial properties we can assist with include the following:


At Action Restoration, our team is uniquely equipped to offer governmental facilities such as government offices, courthouses, prisons, military bases, and fire stations comprehensive restoration, decontamination, and sanitization services. We maintain the skills, special permits, and unique institutional experience necessary to handle the restoration of these facilities effectively. 


No one wants to receive their education in a building packed with asbestos or mold, contaminated with viruses, or suffering from residual water damage or fire damage after an accident or natural disaster. Maintaining safe classrooms, dorms, cafeterias, and other spaces on campus requires attention to cleanup and restoration, which the team at Action Restoration can provide. Whether you’re recovering from a fire in campus housing, mold in kitchen facilities, or a science lab incident involving hazardous chemicals, we’ll resolve the situation and get your facility back to normal. We can service:

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities have exacting requirements for safety and reliability. At Action Restoration, we maintain the necessary training to sanitize these locations where thorough elimination of pathogens and other sources of illness, such as mold, from the facilities where could do the most harm. We can also help resolve issues with foul smells, fire or water damage, and HVAC issues in hospitals, research labs, and other healthcare facilities using the latest technology and tactics. 


The team at Action Restoration can help restore residential spaces such as apartment buildings and abandoned homes to their full potential and safety with the same care and service we offer elsewhere. Home shouldn’t be loaded with mold, asbestos, and leftover damage from past accidents. Let Action Restoration ensure your residential properties aren’t. 

Contact Our Disaster Recovery & Restoration Team

When you need disaster recovery, restoration, or sanitization services for a Gulf Coast property, the Action Restoration team is your best bet for prompt, thorough resolution of your issues. 

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