Building & Foundation Repair near Port Arthur, Texas

Damage to the foundation of your residential or commercial structure is a uniquely challenging issue, and one that requires careful, quick, and effective action. Action Restoration can provide all of the quality services and tools needed to remove hazardous risks and return your building to pristine condition as soon as possible.

Our company utilizes world-class technology and a team of over 100 superiorly skilled repair and reconstruction specialists to provide for your every need. Our response times always put your needs first, and we can have our peerless team available for your reconstruction and repair needs at a moment’s notice.

For foundation repair and reconstruction in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, or Mississippi, contact Action Restoration online or give us a call at 800-760-9081.

Building & Foundation Reconstruction in the Gulf Coast

No matter the size or scope of your needs, Action Restoration can provide repair and structural reconstruction services that put your needs above all else. Whether you’re suddenly experiencing damage due to storm or fire damage, or your foundation is experiencing compounding issues that have occurred over time, we can provide the means to return your residential or commercial structure to normalcy.

Action Restoration begins by performing a comprehensive analysis of your structure, taking note of all sources and signs of damage. This allows us to identify the full scale of your needs and draw up an accurate and effective plan for your foundation repair.

The Risks of Foundation Damage

Damage to the foundation of your structure can present a wide array of risks. Worse yet, foundation damage only worsens over time, and in fact needs as little as a day to double in cost and difficulty to repair. The best means of addressing foundation damage is to apply an immediate response by seeking professional assistance from your local restoration company.

When foundation damage is left alone, you can risk:

  • Further damage to your property, drastically increasing the cost and difficulty of repairs
  • Damage to your commercial or residential structure, including wall fracturing, sagging, and the crumbling of stone
  • Water intrusion from rain, storm, and ground water, which leads to serious structural damage and a risk of electrical fire
  • Risks of mold infestation and intrusion, leading to property loss

Foundation Repair after Water Damage

Water intrusion and storm damage pose the largest and most common risks to the foundation of your structure. Water rapidly weakens cellulose-based materials, and can even degrade the concrete, metal, and stone present in your foundation. To avoid further damage, be sure to contact our experts immediately to get the repair and reconstruction you need.

Foundation Repair after Fire Damage

Foundations are often ignored by inexperienced or unprofessional restoration teams after a fire. But, the team at Action Restoration knows better. Fires can lead to serious cracking even in top-grade foundation materials, and left alone, these can rapidly grow into a totally failing foundation.

In the event of a fire, our experts can assist you with all of your fire damage restoration needs, including a full inspection of the foundation of your residential or commercial structure.

Foundation Repair for Buildings near Port Arthur, Texas

If you are concerned about your foundation, or have noticed signs of damage/experienced extreme storms in your structure in the Gulf, contact Action Restoration today! Our professionals carry years of experience, and have all of the top-class tools and skill needed to provide for all of your restoration needs. Speak to a staff member directly when you call us at 800-760-9081.

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