Ozone for Smoke Odor Removal in Port Arthur, TX & the Southern Gulf

If your home or business has suffered fire damage, you know the worst part isn’t the removal and replacement of damaged items – it’s the tedious job of removing the stale, lingering smoke odor that clings to every object and surface in your space. Luckily, ozone is an extremely effective, natural treatment that can stop smoke odor in its tracks and safely make your home or commercial building smell as good as new.

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When stubborn smoke odors linger in your home or commercial building, Action Restoration has the tools to get your space back to normal. Our highly trained professionals will get the job done quickly, and our commitment to customer service is second to none.

Ozone treatment for smoke odors is the best way to combat the harsh scents left over from fire damage. Contact Action Restoration today and learn more about our ozone treatment for smoke odors! Dial (800) 760-9081.

What Is Ozone Treatment?

Ozone is one of the most powerful natural tools available to eliminate the stale, pungent odor of smoke after a fire. It’s produced by a machine that generates ozone molecules (O3), which form a chemical reaction with particles it contacts.

Ozone chemically changes the molecular structure of smoke by attaching an oxygen atom to the smoke molecule. This process is called oxidation. The added oxygen atom neutralizes the offensive odor of smoke and other bad smells like mold, mildew, pet odor, tobacco smoke, and much more. Since ozone is a gas, it can be used as a deodorizing agent anywhere you can freely circulate air. Ozone has the added benefit of actually disinfecting and purifying air, something that chemical cleaning agents can’t do.

Based on your level of smoke damage and odors, we’ll choose an ozone generator sized for your particular needs. Generators can do a “shock treatment” when odor levels are high or can be set to lower settings for long amounts of time to treat stubborn, lingering smoke odors. Ozone generators are more effective at ridding your home or business of offensive tobacco odor than other machines on the market like ionizers or air purifier systems. Additionally, after fire damage in commercial properties, ozone generators are highly effective at removing odors from carpets, wood, draperies, and cabinets.

Who Can Benefit from Ozone Treatment in Port Arthur, TX & Surrounding Gulf Coast Areas?

Virtually any industry can benefit from ozone treatment for smoke odors from fires. Not only does ozone eliminate fire smoke odors, but it’s also especially effective on tobacco smoke. Industries that use ozone generators the most include:

Why Choose Action Restoration for Ozone Treatment in the Gulf Coast Region?

Action Restoration is the first name in fire and smoke damage repair throughout the Gulf Coast. Our fire and smoke damage services include emergency 24-hour arrival, temporary board-up, thorough cleaning protocols, soot removal and deodorization, and much more.

If you need fire or smoke damage services in your Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, or Mississippi home or business, Action Restoration will go the extra mile to make your space just like new. Contact us today.

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