Restoration Services for Abandoned Homes & Buildings

When a property has been abandoned for any period of time, it tends to fall into disrepair. With a lack of maintenance and security, the systems within the home as well as the structure can fall victim to storm damage and even looting or vandalism. Whether you’re an individual or property management company who has recently acquired an abandoned home or you work for a bank or government agency that currently possesses a previously abandoned building, Action Restoration can help get the property back to a condition suitable for working or living.

If you own or manage an abandoned building that needs restoration services, contact Action Restoration today!

Restoration Services in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, & Mississippi

Every city has its fair share of abandoned buildings, but when they fall into the right hands these properties can be completely revitalized. Properties are sometimes abandoned after natural or manmade disasters that cause damage the property owner cannot or will not pay to repair. No matter how damaged the property is, we’ll come up with a plan to restore it to its former glory—and probably make it even better than it was before! Action Restoration offers a full range of restoration services for abandoned and neglected properties, including:

  • Water damage restoration: If a property has been abandoned somewhere along the Gulf Coast, there’s a good chance it has suffered water damage from one of the many severe storms that have rolled through the area. We are experts in the removal of water and restoration of water damage in walls, floors, building contents, and more.
  • Fire damage restoration: Many abandoned buildings have experienced fire damage, whether that was the cause of abandonment or if arson occurred once the property was left neglected. Even if the entire property wasn’t consumed by a fire, damage can occur from smoke and soot permeating the walls and contents of the building.
  • Storm damage restoration: Whether the area where the abandoned property is located has experienced a major hurricane or just a series of smaller severe storms, Action Restoration can provide the services needed to repair the damage.
  • Mold remediation: If the roof, doors, or windows of the neglected property have been damaged or broken, rain water may have made its way inside the building. Without proper water damage restoration, this moisture remains in the walls and other areas of the home, providing an excellent environment for mold growth. Action Restoration specializes in mold remediation services for even the most severely affected buildings.
  • Demolition and structural reconstruction: If your property has sustained irreparable damage, Action Restoration can handle the demolition or reconstruction of the property. We’ll make sure to assess the damage completely before recommending reconstruction or complete demolition—we want to make the best, most cost-effective decision.

Need Help Restoring an Abandoned or Neglected Property?

Action Restoration’s services can be applied to just about any type or commercial or residential property, including neglected and abandoned ones. If you’ve recently acquired an abandoned home or a neglected commercial building and need assistance restoring it to a suitable condition, contact Action Restoration now!

For all water, fire, and disaster restoration needs along the Gulf Coast, call Action Restoration today at (800) 760-9081!

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