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Life on the Gulf Coast can be beautiful, but it comes with risks. After spending decades growing your business, a hurricane can destroy it in a matter of hours. That’s where Action Restoration can help. After a storm, fire, flood, or other natural disaster, we can help you with the hard decision of salvaging your home or business, or demolishing the remaining structure and beginning anew.

Do you need commercial or residential demolition services for your Gulf Coast home or business? Contact Action Restoration today.

When to Consider Demolition of Your Damaged Home or Commercial Building

Safety is first and foremost when deciding whether to restore or demolish a home or business. Sometimes it’s safer and more cost-effective to demolish a structure than try to restore it.  Our fully trained and certified experts will thoroughly inspect every aspect of your structure and offer a recommendation on whether or not it can be safely occupied again. Building problems that may signal the need for demolition include:

  • Damaged foundation: If your building’s foundation is compromised, it will affect every part of the structure. Floors will become uneven, doors won’t close properly, and cracks will develop in the walls. Demolition of the home or building might be the best solution.
  • Age of the structure: If your home or business space is old, it may be more cost-effective to demolish the structure and build a new structure that is up to date on technological advancements and energy efficiency.
  • Value of the lot: If the value of your lot has appreciated over the years, it may be a wise move to demolish your home or business, sell the lot for a large profit, and put the proceeds towards building a new home or business elsewhere.

Do you need demolition services for your home or business in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana? Contact Action Restoration for more information.

What Occurs During the Demolition Process?

When you choose Action Restoration for the demolition of your Gulf Coast home or commercial structure, you can rest assured the job will be performed precisely and responsibly. Our services include:

  • Controlled, precision demolition of entire structure
  • Removal of all building debris
  • Separation of debris with an emphasis on recycling materials such as wood, metal, concrete, plasterboard, and much more
  • Land contouring
  • Lot backfilling, compacting, leveling, and grading

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Choose Action Restoration for Gulf Coast Demolition Services

At Action Restoration, we know that storm damage can take a terrible toll on your home or business. If you need demolition services on the Gulf Coast, we have a location near you equipped with the cutting-edge tools and seasoned experts ready to remove your structure so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

If you need demolition services in the Gulf Coast region, contact us today.

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