Fire Damage Restoration in Lake Charles, Louisiana

A fire can sweep through a home or business quickly, causing extensive structural damage in a matter of minutes, as well as smoke and soot damage that is difficult to repair and affects an even larger area. At Action Restoration, we can respond quickly to fire damage and help to rebuild and restore your building to its original condition. Our team has the experience and equipment to help with all phases of the restoration process, from the initial damage assessment to building reconstruction.

Contact Action Restoration for fire damage restoration services for homes and businesses throughout Lake Charles, LA and the surrounding areas.

Our Lake Charles, LA Fire Damage Repair Services

At Action Restoration, our fire damage repair services for the Lake Charles, LA include:

  • Emergency Fire Response The period just after a fire is critical. Water, smoke, and soot can cause ongoing damage, so it is important to start repairs as soon as possible. At Action Restoration, we need only a 24-hour notice to respond to a fire in Lake Charles, LA, and we will work quickly to extract water, repair roof damage, secure the building, and start deodorizing and cleaning.
  • Temporary Board-Ups – The last thing you need after a fire is more damage. Our team can board up windows and doors, repair damaged roofs or walls, and secure any other openings to prevent weather damage and vandalism.
  • Structural and Contents Cleaning Soot and ash contain corrosive compounds that can continue to cause damage to your building and its contents long after the fire is extinguished. Our team will work quickly to remove these substances using advanced techniques that can stop damage and save many of your most important items.
  • Item Removal and Processing – Some items simply cannot be saved after a fire. Our team will inventory your Lake Charles, LA property, marking salvageable items for restoration and documenting unsalvageable items for insurance purposes before removing them.
  • Storage Space After a Fire – After a major fire, you may need someplace clean and secure to store your possessions until the building can be restored. At Action Restoration, we offer complete storage packages for customers in Lake Charles, LA.
  • HVAC Duct and Filter Cleaning Soot, smoke, ash, and chemicals can collect in the HVAC system during a fire, causing long-term odors and potential health risks. Our team can replace the air filters can thoroughly clean the HVAC system and ductwork to ensure the air you are breathing is healthy and clean.
  • Electronic Restoration – Electronics like computers, tablets, phones, and office equipment are easily damaged during a fire and can be costly to replace. At Action Restoration, we have specialized procedures that can restore many electronic devices, helping you to save money, and perhaps important data, after a fire.
  • Deodorization Fires often leave long-lasting odors behind. Our experts use sophisticated techniques like ozone treatment and specialty cleaners to remove odors and improve indoor air quality.

Schedule Fire Damage Restoration in Lake Charles, LA

With more than 20 years of disaster recovery experience in the Lake Charles area, you can count on our team at Action Restoration for fast, effective fire damage restoration services. With our help, you can prevent unnecessary damage to your home or business and rebuild quicker.

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