Fire Restoration in Port Arthur, TX

Very few events can harm a building more than a fire. Although the structural damage may be limited to a small area if it is extinguished quickly, the resulting soot and smoke will often affect a much larger area or even the entire building. With more than 20 years of restoration experience, our team at Action Restoration has the qualifications to quickly respond to fire damage and restore your home or business back to its original condition. We serve clients throughout Port Arthur, TX and the Gulf Coast region, and we offer numerous service that can help during the aftermath of a fire.

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Our Port Arthur, TX Fire Restoration Services

At Action Restoration, we can help you with a variety of problems after a fire, including structural and smoke damage, water damage from extinguishing the fire, and damage to contents and personal belongings.

Our fire restoration services for Port Arthur, TX include:

  • Emergency fire response Our team at Action Restoration can respond to fires in under 24 hours, and we can start the restoration process immediately with water extraction, roof repairs, board-ups, odor removal, air cleaning, and more.
  • Temporary board-ups – Boarding up windows, doors, damaged walls, and other openings shortly after a fire is important to secure your belongings, prevent vandalism, and minimize further damage from the weather. Our team will inspect the building and secure any openings.
  • Structural and contents cleaning During a fire, smoke, soot, and ash will often travel throughout the building, and because they contain corrosive compounds, affected surfaces will face ongoing damage until they are properly cleaned. At Action Restoration, we will use specialized cleaning solutions and equipment to remove ash and soot from interior surfaces, as well as the building’s contents.
  • Item removal and processing – When it is time to file an insurance claim, you need an accurate accounting of your losses. Our experts have the training and experience necessary to inventory, document, and remove each damaged item, allowing you to process your claim easier.
  • Storage space after a fire – While your building in Port Arthur is being repaired, you may need temporary storage for its contents. Action restoration offers storage packages that provide a secure, convenient place to store your belongings.
  • HVAC duct and filter cleaning Smoke, ash, fire extinguisher residues, and other pollutants can contaminate the HVAC and duct system during a fire. Our team can replace the air filters clean the air ducts, and the air handlers to minimize odors and remove any remaining particles of ash and soot.
  • Electronic restoration – Computers, tablets, external hard drives, and other electronics often contain important files, data, and photographs. At Action Restoration, we can clean and restore any salvageable electronics so that you can retrieve your critical files.
  • Soot removal & deodorization – Smoke and soot damage can leave behind long-lasting odors that are difficult to cover or eliminate. Our experts can use specialized procedures and equipment, like ozone treatments, to neutralize odors and clean any remaining soot and smoke damage. We also offer resurfacing, such as repainting or upholstery replacement, to remove stubborn smoke, soot, and odors from porous surfaces.

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With our fire restoration services, our team at Action Restoration can help you minimize the long-term damage and effects of a fire while reducing the time and expense required to restore your building.

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