Water Damage Assessment in Port Arthur, TX and the Southern Gulf

Following a flood or broken pipe, it is necessary to have a water damage assessment to determine the extent of damage to your home or business. The best way to ensure that all damage is properly identified and recorded is to hire a professional restoration company, like Action Restoration. Attempting to survey the damage yourself could end up with in an oversight of damages, resulting in an insufficient insurance claim that does not cover all damages.

If you have incurred water damage at your home or business in the Gulf Coast region and need a water damage estimate, contact Action Restoration today. We have seven offices throughout the Gulf Coast region, so we can provide a speedy water damage assessment to start your repairs as soon as possible.

Structural Water Damage Assessment

Water damage events can cause significant problems to a building’s structure, rendering the structure unsafe. Our structural water damage assessment specialists will look at the following items:

  • Roof – missing or damaged shingles, cracks and other damage to exterior surfaces
  • Exterior walls – collapsed walls, broken windows, signs of water intrusion and more
  • Yard – damage to plants, landscaping and external belongings
  • Attic –wet or cracked ceiling, wet walls, wet insulation or damaged vents and ducts
  • Interior – wet or cracked walls, ceilings, warped floors, damaged wood and more
  • Basement/Foundation – wet or cracked foundation, wet insulation and stained/damaged floors
  • And more

Water Damage Assessment of Personal Belongings

After assessing the extent of water damage to the exterior of your home or business, Action Restoration will assess the damage to the personal belongings inside your home or business. We will look for damage to the following:

Schedule Your Water Damage Assessment Today

If you have water damage at your home or business in the Gulf Coast region from a recent storm or a burst pipe, contact Action Restoration today! We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the damage that has been done to your property and an estimate of the cost and amount of time it will take to repair. We will assist you with your insurance claims to ensure that everything is filed correctly so your repairs can begin as quickly as possible.

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