Industrial Restoration Equipment Rentals

When dealing with damage to your business, immediate and effective recovery is of utmost importance. It is for this reason that Action Restoration provides the absolute best in industrial restoration equipment in the industry. We offer rentals suitable to handle industrial jobs of any size, scale or situation, and pledge to offer top tier service regardless of your business’ needs.

Our tools and equipment can handle any damage to your structure, including fire, wind, water or inclement weather, and no job is too small or large. In the face of an emergency, your business cannot afford to wait for repairs and remediation to get back on track. Trust the specialists at Action Restoration to provide the restoration equipment that suits your unique needs

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Industrial Restoration Equipment

Action Restoration brings only our finest in both skill and equipment. Our specialists can help you select the right tools to complete your industrial project or restoration quickly and efficiently.

Water Remediation Equipment Available for Industrial Rentals:

Air Quality and Filtration Equipment:

Temporary Power Solutions:

When You Need to Rent Industrial Restoration Equipment

Our equipment was selected with any emergency, eventuality or disaster in mind, and is capable of handling your every recovery need. You can look to our services in addressing:

  • Fire damage. After an emergency involving fire is resolved, you still need to put your business back in order. Our experts and equipment can shoulder this load, offering our skill and technology in getting your business back on track with our air scrubbers and power distribution equipment.
  • Water damage. Whether through storms, or incident, our equipment can handle the cleanup and moisture removal your structure will require before you can safely resume business. Our air movers and heat drying trailers are top class, and can have your business dry and ready promptly.
  • Mold and mildew damage. If mold or rot have begun taking hold of your structure, our air scrubbers and dehumidifiers can get your building back on track and ready for remediation with our decontamination services.
  • Storm damage. Count on our professionals to assist you in selecting the right equipment for the job. Regardless of the damage you encounter, Action Restoration can help!
  • Disasters and emergencies. If your business has lost power, or needs a priority emergency response, our technicians can offer exactly what you need, any time you need it with our generators and power distribution equipment.

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In the face of emergencies, don’t rent just any industrial restoration equipment. Action Restoration has built its reputation on excellent service and skill, and we will always put the needs of your business first and foremost. No matter the size or scope of the job, Action Restoration provides superior service and equipment to suit your needs. Contact us online today to learn more, or book your rentals!

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