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If you’ve experienced a natural disaster or fire and have lost power at your property, or you simply need to bring power to an area that is not currently connected to the grid, Action Restoration has you covered. Whether you’re the owner of a small commercial store or a massive industrial facility, we have the generator for the job.

We have a fleet of commercial rental generators on standby, available to power up your site. Whether planned or unplanned, we can have our equipment on-site — fast.

We rent commercial and industrial generators, large and small. From a little as 10kW to 1MW, our generators can power jobsites of any size.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate generator for your specific requirements is crucial. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected power outage or planning a large-scale event, the right generator ensures smooth operations.

At Action Restoration, we offer a diverse range of generators tailored to various needs. Here’s a simplified guide to help you understand the types of generators we provide:

  • Portable generators: Best for small events or residential backup.
  • Industrial generators: Ideal for commercial facilities and large projects.
  • Inverter generators: Suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Standby generators: Provides automatic backup during power outages.

Our Rental Process

Whether you’re preparing for or facing an unexpected power outage, here’s how our generator rental process works:

  1. Consultation: Reach out to us with your requirements. Our team will guide you in selecting the most suitable generator based on your needs.
  2. Selection: Choose from our diverse range of generators, each tailored for specific applications.
  3. Delivery: Once selected, we ensure prompt delivery to your site, whether planned or emergency.
  4. Installation: Depending on the generator type, our team can assist with the setup or provide guidelines for the same.
  5. Usage: Use the generator for your required duration, be it short-term or long-term.
  6. Return: Once done, we facilitate easy returns, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Why Rent Generators From Action Restoration?

Action Restoration prides itself on providing the highest quality rentals available. We rent generators from leading manufacturers and ensure that all rental products are well-maintained and in good working order before being deployed into the field.

We offer prompt delivery and pickup from your job site minimizing time, hassle, and expense for you. Our rentals are completely flexible, and we can accommodate both short-term and long-term rental solutions.

Contact Us for Generator Rentals Today

If you need to rent generators or other power distribution equipment, contact Action Restoration today!  Equipment rentals can be picked up locally in our Port Arthur, TX, location, or we can ship anywhere across the country. Contact us today to learn more or book your rentals today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which generator I should rent for my facility?

Determining the right generator for your business or facility depends on several factors:

  • Power requirements: Calculate the total wattage of all the equipment or appliances you need to power. This will give you an idea of the generator’s capacity you require.
  • Duration of use: If you anticipate prolonged power outages, you might want a generator with a larger fuel tank or one that’s more fuel-efficient.
  • Type of load: Consider whether you’ll be powering sensitive electronic equipment. In such cases, inverter generators are preferable due to their clean power output.
  • Portability: If you need to move the generator around, consider a model with wheels or one that’s lightweight.

Do I need to have an electrician/professional onsite to install the generator?

While many generators are plug-and-play, for larger units or those that need to be integrated into a building’s electrical system, it’s advisable to have a professional electrician handle the installation.

How long will it take to get an emergency rental generator to my facility?

The delivery time for an emergency rental generator can vary based on your location and the availability of the generator. Typically, we strive to deliver emergency rentals within a few hours of the request.

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