YD-9000 Heat Drying Trailer Rentals

Your business cannot afford to take time off after disaster strikes. Action Restoration understands your need to regain normalcy as soon as reasonably possible, and that safety and security are always a top priority. To meet these needs, we employ the use of the industry’s absolute best in water remediation equipment.

The YD-9000 Super Dryer is our ace in the hole against any and all water damage. Housed on a thirty foot trailer, this 9,000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) treatment system can handle the worst disaster.

YD-9000 is fully independent, housing its own generator that is strong enough to deliver power to not only the YD-9000 super dryer, but also the building being treated. The generator, coupled with a 200 gallon fuel tank, ensures even a powerless building can be treated safely and effectively, with none of the hazards that bulky power cables present.

How Does the YD-9000 Super Dryer Work?

Convective heat drying works by pulling in fresh air from outside of the damaged structure. This accumulated air is warmed, and its relative humidity is siphoned off before being pumped into your building. This dry, warm air displaces the moisture-laden air in your structure, dramatically accelerating the drying process (up to double-speed for every ten degrees (Celsius). The cooler, damp air in your damaged building is guided out of your structure via placed temporary ductwork, ensuring hazardous moisture is pushed out.

This air exchange, aided by the warming process, will begin purging your building of damaging moisture immediately.

When Renting a YD-9000 Is the Best Option

Our YD-9000 Super Dryer can provide top quality drying in even the worst of conditions. It is designed to handle the toughest jobs, and you may consider its employ when:

  • Commercial business. When your commercial business is threatened by water damage due to flooding, or inclement weather.
  • Large homes. When your home is in danger of cumulative water damage.
  • Excessive damage. Times when the water damage exceeds the capabilities of other dryers, or conventional clean up.

Water damage caused by inclement weather, flooding or disaster can continue to damage your building long after the fact. If not handled immediately, water damage can culminate into a number of potentially dangerous issues, both personal and structural.

  • Gradual structural damage.Post disaster, water will continue to cause damage to the structure of your building. Even within days, your building could quite possibly go from fine to unsound, forcing your hand on costly repairs, tear-outs and reconstruction.
  • Mold and mildew.Mold can generate serious health risks, and can begin forming in your water-laden structure within twenty four hours.
  • Irreparable damage. Left alone for too long, simple water spots and pooling water can make your building entirely unsound, necessitating more extreme relief efforts that cost time and money both.

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When water damage is involved, you have little time to fuss over action. Our heat drying trailers can be picked up locally in our Port Arthur, TX location, or we can ship anywhere across the country. Contact us today to learn more or book your rentals today!


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