Convective Heat Drying Trailer Rentals

When you have water damage, you need rental equipment that will dry the flooded area fast. With DrySmart’s convective heat drying trailers, you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Safe, affordable, effective, and easy to use, DrySmart can significantly cut drying times, reduce structural damage, and improve your profits.

The DrySmart heats fresh outside air to a low relative humidity and the warm dry air is ducted into the water damage structure where it displaces the structure’s moist air.  DrySmart’s exhaust blower helps to control air flow within the structure.  The combination of supply and exhaust blowers rapidly purge dank, humid air from a water damage structure so drying begins almost immediately.

As an added benefit, the fresh air also removes odors and the high temperatures deter mold growth.

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How Convective Heat Drying Trailers Work

Dehumidification and convection drying systems share the same objective: create building atmospheric conditions that promote evaporation. Dehumidifiers lower the relative humidity by removing moisture from the air. Convection systems lower the relative humidity by raising the temperature of the air. Because evaporation requires water molecules to gain heat energy, convection systems can accelerate the evaporation process much more than low humidity levels alone. The effect is dramatic; for every 10° C temperature increase the evaporation is doubled!

Air convection drying systems draw in 100% fresh outside air that is heated in an indirect fired furnace. A blower pushes the hot dry air through flexible duct into the damaged structure. An exhaust system helps to direct the flow of air through the structure and carries with it evaporated moisture.

Because of the air exchange, air systems purge a building quickly and tend to heat an entire section of a building rather than a concentrated area. Some air systems control the building temperature by measuring the temperature of the return air. Air systems can employ lay flat or hose splitters to direct air flow to several specific areas.

Features of DrySmart’s Convective Heat Drying Trailers

Some features of DrySmart’s convective heat drying trailers include:

  • DrySmart has great humidity control. Pumping over 2400 cfm of hot dry air, the furnace and blower will help lower the building’s humidity level under 40%  within an hour or two.
  • DrySmart has a remote thermostat that can be placed in the water damaged structure for more precise control and prevent the overheating of the structure. Both the furnace and exhaust blowers have speed control so the volume of air can be optimized to the job’s size and the extent of moisture damage.  The speed controls permit drying to be done under positive, neutral or negative pressure.
  • DrySmart is ready to go on a moment’s notice.  The trailers can be easily towed by a ½ ton vehicle.  Setup is simple and can be performed by one person. Arrive on site, hook up the flexible duct hoses, plug it in or start the generator, flip a switch, and the drying begins.  Everything needed to get the drying job started is on the trailer.
  • DrySmart trailers are convenient to work with. They feature a light by the side door, a rear door flood light to illuminate the work area, a fuel tank vent whistle that signals when the tank is nearly full during refueling, custom storage tubes make flex hose handling easy and keeps the hoses them save and neat.  There is even space provided for 4×8 sheets of materials.

Why Rent Convective Heat Drying Trailers from Action Restoration?

Action Restoration prides itself on providing the highest quality rentals available. We rent commercial-grade convective heat drying trailers and ensure that all rental products are well-maintained and in good working order before being deployed into the field.

We offer prompt delivery and pickup from your jobsite—minimizing time, hassle, and expense for you. Our rentals are completely flexible and we can accommodate both short-term and long-term rental solutions.

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