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Appliance Leak Cleanup in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi


Appliance or equipment leaks are no small issue and can pose a very serious threat to the safety of your workers and your business. In order to protect your building and its people from the serious threats that come with appliance leaks, it is important that you quickly call a trusted professional, such as Action Restoration, to take care of the leak cleanup. It is crucial to clean up every appliance leak properly because even minor appliance leaks can cause mold damage or structural weakness.

Causes of Appliance Water Leaks

Sometimes the source of your water leak can be trickier to pin point and you will want a professional service to locate and fix the source of the leak. To help you determine the cause of your water leak, here are some home and commercial appliances that commonly leak:

The good news is that if you have a leak stemming from any of these appliances (or others!), Action Restoration has the equipment and skills needed to stop the leak and restore your facility. If you are ready for a team of professionals to clean and restore your damaged area, contact Action Restoration today and we will be happy to send out our restoration professionals to your FL, TX, AL, LA, or MS location.

Signs of Appliance Water Leaks

Of course the most obvious sign of an appliance leak would be a large puddle of water near your machinery. However, there are other signs that might not be so apparent that every property owner should be on the lookout for. Here are some signs to look for with appliance leaks:

  • If you hear sounds of water running when nothing is turned on
  • If you smell unpleasant odors coming from floors, walls, drains or sewers
  • If you find cracks in the foundation of your building
  • If you see mold or mildew growing in your building
  • If you find yourself with a remarkably high water bill
  • If you feel a warm spot on the floor (which can mean there’s a leak from a hot water pipe)

If you have witnessed any of these signs, then it is a good idea to call Action Restoration at 800-760-9081 to have a team of water damage experts assess the situation for you. No matter how big your appliance leak may be, Action Restoration has what it takes to restore your damaged home or building.  

Appliance Leak Cleanup Services From Action Restoration

At Action Restoration, we provide comprehensive appliance leak restoration services. With seven offices and more than 100 full-time disaster restoration professionals across the Gulf Coast region, we have the experience and equipment necessary to handle any sized appliance leak you may encounter. Unlike many of our competitors, we own all of our equipment and employ a full-time team of restoration experts.

If you weren’t already sold, Action Restoration owns the largest inventory of commercial water drying equipment available and this equipment is also the highest performing in the industry! With this equipment, we can often accelerate structural drying time by 30% or more. With a faster restoration process, we are able to help companies reduce financial loss and business interruption.

Action Restoration proudly serves a variety of industries, including: maritime, industrial, offshore oil rigs, commercial property, schools, government facilities, medical facilities, and homes. If you have questions about our services or would like to schedule an appliance leak cleanup today, call us at 800-760-9081.

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