Storm Damage Restoration in College Station, Texas

Being near the Gulf of Mexico, College Station is vulnerable to flooding, severe thunderstorms, and powerful hurricanes. If your business has suffered water damage, it is important to dry the structure as soon as possible and to begin the restoration process quickly to limit the damage.

At Action Restoration, our disaster recovery experts can help. We have the equipment and experience to respond to your needs quickly, removing moisture from your building, preventing further damage, and starting the restoration process. Based in Port Arthur, our team has been providing industry-leading disaster response, water restoration, mold remediation, decontamination services, and more since 1999. We serve homes and businesses throughout the Gulf Coast area, including Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

If you need storm damage repair services in College Station, TX, contact the experts at Action Restoration today.

Our Storm Damage Repair Services

The key to minimizing damage after a major storm is quick action. By drying the building as swiftly as possible, you may be able to save drywall, furniture, carpeting, and other vulnerable items while preventing structural damage and mold problems. At Action Restoration, we have the largest inventory of commercial drying equipment in the area, and our water restoration specialists have the expertise to ensure it is used in the most efficient way possible to minimize damage to your building.

Our storm damage restoration services include:

  • Water Damage Assessments Our experts will inspect your building and identity any damage to the structure, such as broken windows, cracked drywall, or a leaking roof, as well as damage to its contents, such as furniture, merchandise, documents and more. We with then form a comprehensive plan to dry the building, mitigate further damage, and begin the restoration process.
  • Water Removal and Drying – Our team will extract any standing water and begin the drying process using equipment like commercial fans, vacuums, negative air machines, and more. We can also identify problem areas and verify our results with accurate equipment that measures the moisture content of many materials.
  • Demolition – If your home or business has received damage that cannot be repaired, we can demolish the structure and remove the debris so that you can begin to rebuild.
  • Water Damage Restoration Not all damage may be visible after a major water intrusion. Our specialists can use equipment like thermal imaging cameras to find hidden damage and determine the best way to facilitate repairs.
  • Contents Restoration – After a storm, the contents of your property are likely to have been damaged. These items can be repaired if restoration work begins quickly. We offer professional contents restoration services to help save the items important to you.
  • Structural Reconstruction – If your property is beyond repair, we can help you begin the rebuilding process.
  • Mold Remediation – Long after the waters have receded, mold can linger and cause many structural and health problems in you building. Our experts can help you eliminate mold growth with a variety of specialized equipment and procedures.


At Action Restoration, we pride ourselves on providing rapid disaster response service to mitigate damages as much as possible. We feature a unique ConvectionDrying® system that can speed the drying process by up to 30 percent, helping you get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Schedule Storm Damage Restoration in College Station, TX

If you are facing significant storm damage, don’t panic. The experts at Action Restoration have years of experience remediating homes and commercial buildings that have faced extensive damages. Whatever you are dealing with, we can help!

Contact Action Restoration today at (800) 760-9081 to schedule storm damage repairs in College Station.

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