Flood Restoration Company

In the event of storm damage or major flooding, all aspects of your business are suddenly put to a halt. To meet your flood remediation needs, Action Restoration offers superior service that provides prompt, effective treatment and removal services.

At over ten thousand strong, our professional recovery and remediation teams can offer cutting-edge techniques, services, and tools to ensure your remediation needs are met quickly and flawlessly. Action Restoration has been serving the gulf area for years, and with our experts on your side, your flood worries can be over in no time.

To gain the benefits of a quick and effective restoration of your commercial business, be sure to contact Action Restoration right away! Our professionals are on standby any time to restore your business to normalcy.

The Dangers of Flooding Damage

The initial flood has, of course, caused considerable damage already. However the true risks begin when the event is over; flooding generates a massive risk for permanent structural damage, as well as opens up a risk for mold infestation.

To prevent further damage and potential permanent damage, an immediate response is absolutely key. The sooner our professionals can get on the scene, the sooner we can return your business to normal, and the lesser the risks will be.

Flood Restoration Services with Action Restoration

Our services cover all of your flood needs, bringing you a comprehensive solution that assures complete recovery when possible. The certified remediation team at Action Restoration will:

  • Perform a water damage assessment. To accurately treat your restoration needs, Action Restoration will perform a comprehensive analysis of your structure to identify all of your service needs and locate problematic areas.
  • Utilize our water extraction Our cutting-edge water removal equipment will address your flood recovery needs, removing the risk of further potential damage and allowing us to begin appropriate remediation actions.
  • Employ structural drying Moisture must be removed to avoid the risks of mold and severe structural damage. Our commercial water drying equipment will handle even the most stubborn amounts of moisture in your commercial structure.
  • Provide contents restoration if needed. The assets and possessions in your building may be recoverable, and if so, our team will provide the necessary services to ensure as many of the contents of your building as possible are saved.
  • Address structural restoration. Walls, carpets, floors, and building supports can all incur lingering damage if not handled carefully in the event of a flood. Action Restoration can provide the service you need to begin rebuilding.
  • Commence reconstruction. Irreparable or extensive damage may require professional reconstruction. If so, the team at Action Restoration can provide reconstruction services to match your needs.

Why Choose Action Restoration as Your Flood Restoration Company?

Our certified remediation teams have been handling priority flood damage repair and recovery services for home and business owners both for over two decades. At Action Restoration, we only supply the best, both in services and in equipment.

  • We host IICRC certified restoration and remediation teams that hold dozens of awards for service and certifications.
  • Our staff includes a complete roster of over ten thousand certified specialists equipped with the best in the industry.
  • We utilize state of the art equipment to address your every remediation need.
  • We have maintained long-term, successful working relationships with clients in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle decades.
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