Water Damage Restoration in Destin, Florida

Areas in the coastal regions of Florida like Destin are subject to considerable adverse weather conditions on a routine basis. Flooding, extreme rain, structural damage—all of these are common, and your business cannot afford to be impeded by them. When dealing with storm damage and flooding, your business needs access to superior restoration services. You’ll find that our specialists at Action Restoration can provide exactly what you need to restore your property.

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Our Water Damage Services in Destin, FL

Our specialists utilize cutting-edge equipment and proven remediation techniques in order to quickly assess your needs and administer the correct services. We place a prime importance on getting your business back to being safe and functional as quickly as precision will allow, and we take no short measures or easy tear-out paths to getting the job done.

Our Destin area specialists offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Water damage assessment – The most important step in any remediation process is to identify all damages in order to choose the correct solutions. Our specialists will perform a thorough assessment of the overall structure, personal items, assets, and appliances.
  • Water extraction – Post-assessment, the priority lies in getting any standing water out of the structure. Standing water will continue to damage your home or business and presents a considerable safety hazard, so our teams will use superior extraction tools to remove any remaining water and moisture.
  • Structural drying – Wall and structural materials like drywall, wood, and concrete can all absorb and retain large amounts of water. Our experts will measure the moisture levels in these structures, and using our commercial drying equipment, ensure that all excess is removed.
  • Structural dehumidifying – Dehumidification is the final step in ensuring you stop all forms of water, mold, and moisture damage in your structure. With our sensing tools, we will monitor your space for days, checking temperature and humidity levels to make certain the job is done thoroughly.
  • Storm & flood damage restoration – Our storm and flood damage restoration services offer Destin clients a full range of water remediation and restoration options ideal for returning your space to normal.
  • Sewage cleanup & overflow plumbing – To assist you in avoiding health and safety complications, our sewage cleanup crews can provide a variety of cleaning and support services to remove all detritus.
  • Burst & frozen pipes – Burst pipes may not be common in the Destin area, but they aren’t unheard of, and they can be exceptionally costly to endure. Our teams can help clean up and repair problems associated with frozen home and business piping.
  • Structural water damage restoration – The water damage restoration services offered by Action Restoration are ideal for minimizing damage to walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Appliance leak cleanup – Washing equipment like clothes washers and dishwashers can dump a surprising amount of water into your home or business. Our trained Destin specialists can make certain that no water seeps into the floors and walls, where it might create mold and cause water damage.
  • Carpet water damage repair & restoration – When any flooding event occurs, be it storm or appliance, carpets are often the first victims. Our specialists can remove all moisture and assess your carpets to decide whether or not they’re salvageable through remediation.
  • Flooded basement water removal – Basements are typically where the largest amount of intruding water will collect. No matter the volume of water, our commercial extraction and drying equipment can handle the task.

At Action Restoration, our experts utilize the state of the art ConvectionDrying® system. With these tools, you can anticipate drying times 30% faster than standard equipment and minimal or no tear-outs. This helps greatly in getting your Destin business back on its feet and operating again in as little time as possible.

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Mold Remediation Services in Destin


Extensive mold damage can crop up any time you’ve experienced moisture intrusion, be it from a flood, appliance malfunction, or storm damage. Our ASA-1000 decontamination equipment is EPA-registered and ideal for removing mold and pathogens from your structure, helping keep employees and residents safe from mycotoxins and contaminants.

When you need mold remediation in Destin, count on Action Restoration. Contact us online as soon as you notice mold growing on your property.

Your Destin Water Restoration Experts

If your property has been devastated by a flood, hurricane, or other form of water damage, trust the professionals at Action Restoration to remove the standing water and get your property restored as quickly as possible.

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