Disaster Recovery in Tallahassee, FL

Action Restoration provides full-service emergency response and disaster restoration services in Tallahassee, FL and throughout the Gulf Coast region. We provide comprehensive disaster recovery services designed to lessen the severity of natural disasters, fires, floods and other catastrophic events. We provide disaster recovery services to the following:

  • Residential Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Government Institutions
  • Commercial Properties
  • And More!

For water damage restoration or disaster relief services in Tallahassee, contact Action Restoration now.

No matter your disaster restoration needs in Tallahassee, FL, we’ve got you covered. Our disaster recovery services include:

Water Damage Restoration in Tallahassee, FL

Has your Tallahassee-area home experienced water damage from a hurricane or another disaster? Rapid response is vital to minimizing damages and repair costs. Action Restoration provides emergency disaster response services 24 hours a day to assess and repair water damage as quickly as possible. Timely response from a professional water remediation company can make the difference in repairing the structure and contents of your home or business or having to replace everything.

If you need water damage restoration services in Tallahassee, FL, contact Action Restoration today!

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Mold Removal in Tallahassee, FL

Following flood damage or other water damage events, mold growth is a very real concern, especially in the warm, humid climate found along the Gulf Coast. If you have recently had water damage from a burst pipe or flooding rains and have experienced mold growth as a result, call Action Restoration. Our mold remediation experts will take necessary steps to remove mold from your home or business. Mold growth can create unhealthy conditions for your family or employees—especially those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

For professional mold removal in Tallahassee, FL, contact Action Restoration today!

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Fire Damage Restoration in Tallahassee, FL

Fires can be especially devastating disasters for home and business owners. Many assume that after a fire is extinguished the damage it causes is complete, but this could not be more wrong. Fires create a lot of soot, ash and potentially toxic chemicals which can continue to stain and damage the contents of a building even after a fire has been extinguished. With timely fire damage restoration services, fire damage can be minimized and many of the contents in your home or business can be saved or restored.

To minimize fire damage, Action Restoration provides emergency fire restoration services 24 hours per day. If you need fire damage repair in Tallahassee, FL, contact Action Restoration today!

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Storm Damage Repair in Tallahassee, FL

If you have received storm damage at your home or business, Action Restoration can help. Whether you have been impacted by severe thunderstorms, flooding rains, hurricanes, or other severe weather that has caused damage to your property, Action Restoration can help get your home or business repaired safely and professionally. With over 100 trained and certified restoration experts on staff, we can get you back in your home or business quickly.

For professional storm or hurricane damage repair in Tallahassee, FL, contact Action Restoration today!

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Contact our Tallahassee, FL Disaster Recovery Company

When disaster strikes, timely repair and remediation services are critical. Delaying restoration services can cost you thousands of dollars and create potentially dangerous health risks for your family or employees. Action Restoration provides emergency response services to get your repairs completed as soon as possible.

If you need disaster recovery services at your home or business in Tallahassee, FL, contact Action Restoration today.

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