Will My Insurance Cover Water Damage?

If your building suffers from water damage whether it be floods or burst pipes, the cost to have the water damage restoration done and items replaced can be extensive. It is a good idea to know whether your insurance coverage includes water damage, however if you don’t know the question to that answer, this article may help.

Will My Insurance Cover Water Damage?

What May be Covered

Emergencies that cause water damage to occur such as burst pipes, are often covered under your insurance coverage. The reason insurance companies choose to cover this kind of event is because it is accidental and quite often very sudden, causing damage that you had no control over. Frozen pipes that burst may be covered depending on the situation, if no one was in the building and the building was not being heated correctly, insurance companies may decide not to cover the damage and the cost of water damage restoration.

What May Not Be Covered

There are many situations that insurance may not cover. Damage caused by a slow leak from the buildings pipes may not be covered, as this should have been taken care of under general maintenance.

Flooding is one large event that can cause a lot of damage and is quite often not included in home or building insurance. Many building owners have discovered this too late, it is a good idea to check your policy. If floods are not included in the policy then you may want to get flood damage insurance as soon as possible, so that you do not have to cover the full cost of water damage restoration.

An additional water damage event, sewer back-up, is another one of those grey areas that is often not covered in insurance policies. This water damage can occur when the cities sewers receive too much water and overflows through pipes and into your building, causing you to need water damage restoration. Most insurance policies do not include coverage for this event and it is another add-on to your insurance policy that you may want to consider.

Professional Water Damage Restoration From Action Restoration

Action Restoration specialize in water damage restoration. Our privately owned company has several offices throughout the Golf Coast region, so that we can provide our customers with rapid response. We use only the best equipment allowing us to remove all the water from your building and work on providing a dry environment, where mold and mildew won’t spread. If you are in need of water damage restoration contact us today at Action Restoration.

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