Why Your Maritime Vessel Should have Offshore Sanitation Services

For any business, maintaining a clean and safe working environment is a must. For maritime vessels like cargo ships, cruise ships, and oil and gas platforms, it is even more important. Maritime vessels have relatively small and contained living and working environments in warm, moist climates—the ideal environment for the growth of harmful mold and bacteria.

Not only is sanitation good business practice, but in most cases, it is required. Maritime vessels—especially cargo ships and cruise ships are exposed to workers and guests from all over the world who are potential carriers for viral and bacterial diseases which can easily be spread through ventilation systems and shared lavatories. In the close confines of maritime vessels and offshore platforms, bacteria and viruses can be quickly transmitted, leading to significant and sometimes serious health concerns for employees and guests alike.

Regular cleaning and decontamination is necessary to minimize the risks to crew and guests. All eating facilities should be cleaned regularly to remove fats and oils from the canopy hoods in the galley to reduce fire risk. HVAC systems and ducts should be cleaned and sterilized to remove debris, germs, mold, and invisible airborne particles. Contaminated HVAC ducts can easily spread illness and disease throughout your maritime vessel or offshore platform—creating unhealthy living and working conditions and decreasing worker productivity.

Lastly, all living, bath, and dining quarters should receive a regular deep cleaning and decontamination to kill any spread of disease or infection. Action Restoration uses environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment to safely eliminate health risks without compromising the health of employees and guests.

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If you have a maritime vessel or an offshore platform and need cleaning, sanitation, or decontamination services, contact Action Restoration today. Offshore cleaning services require specialized training and equipment that few companies can offer. At Action Restoration, we employ only trained and certified professionals and equip them with state-of-the-art cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination equipment to ensure that your offshore vessel is clean, safe, and healthy!

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