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Most Popular Water Extraction Techniques

If your business has recently undergone damage from excessive water, whether due to flooding or broken pipes, it is important to have the water extracted as soon as possible. Water damaged materials that are exposed to water for long periods of time may start to grow mold and bacteria, causing further and sometimes irreparable damage to your building. At Action Restoration, we are experts in water extraction and can help get your building back to normal. Contact us online or call us at (800) 760-9081 today!

Methods For Water Extraction

There are a few methods that can be used to extract water and reduce further damage. If the water damage has occurred due to broken pipes, the first thing that will need to be done is that the water is turned off, this will stop the flow of water into the building and allow water extraction methods to help remove water. There are some things you can do in your building before the water extraction experts arrive. These are steps such as mopping up and emptying out as much water as possible and removing furnishings that are in the area impacted by the flooding. These two water extraction methods are two of the more effective water removal methods.
  • Vacuums – Vacuums such as wet-dry vacuums can be used to eliminate excess water from areas such as floors, carpets, and surfaces that are porous. These vacuums work by putting down a cleaning solution and vacuuming up the moisture. The water is then held in a tank, industrial wet-dry vacuums can hold more in their tanks and are used when the water damage is significant.
  • Pumps – Pumps such as sump pumps can help remove water from a building. They work by pumping up the water then eliminating the water through a drain or through an opening to the outside of your building. These pumps that are used for water extraction, can vary in sizing making it easier to quickly suck up and eliminate the excess water. If the water level is high, a submersible pump may be used to pump out the water continuously.

What Happens Once The Water is Extracted

Once one of the above methods has been used for water extraction and all the water has been removed, the drying process can then begin. The use of dehumidifiers and high-speed fans can be used to help evaporate any leftover moisture and restore the correct humidity levels so that things such as swelling and warping of the floors and furnishings don’t take place.

Why Use Action Restoration For Your Water Extraction Needs?

If you have experienced water damage and are in need of water extraction services, contact the experts at Action Restoration. Our company is a leader in helping companies respond to disasters quickly and effectively. We are a privately owned company that believes in providing a high-quality service. Our equipment is some of the best in the Gulf Coast Region and part of the reason why we can provide quick and effective service in an emergency. Contact us today at Action Restoration and let us help you clean up your water damage, getting your operations back to normal as soon as possible.
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