How To Prepare for Hurricane Season

As we head into the summer months, we also head into hurricane season. Hurricanes can bring catastrophic effects on our homes, businesses, and lives. While these natural disasters are unavoidable, the damage they cause doesn’t have to be. 

With proper planning and preparation, we can significantly mitigate the impact of these storms and ensure the safety and security of our properties. Here’s how to prepare for hurricane season this summer.

Before a Hurricane Hits

Hurricanes, with their mix of wind and torrential rain, can be formidable opponents. However, when we take proactive measures, we can considerably lessen their impact on our homes and lives. Preparation is our first line of defense. By getting ready ahead of time, you can safeguard not just your property but also ensure the safety and well-being of your family. Here’s how you can brace yourself and take preemptive action before the storm:

  • Stay informed: Sign up for local alerts and warnings, and stay updated on the storm’s progress.
  • Prepare a ‘Go Bag’: Have a bag ready with essentials like clothes, medications, and important documents, in case you need to evacuate quickly.
  • Review insurance policies: Make sure your insurance coverage is adequate for possible damages.
  • Assemble a disaster relief kit: This should include food, water, first aid supplies, batteries, and flashlights.
  • Secure your property: From cataloging your belongings to securing outdoor items and shuttering windows, take steps to minimize potential damage.
  • Address the ‘5 S’s’: These include securing shutters, soffits, shingles, surroundings, and seals.
  • Know your evacuation route: Familiarize yourself with the recommended evacuation routes in your area.

A proactive approach to hurricane safety can turn a potential disaster into a manageable event.

During a Hurricane

The onset of a hurricane can feel overwhelming. However, even during the storm, there are critical steps you can take to stay safe and protect your loved ones. 

During these challenging moments, your prior planning can truly pay off, guiding your actions and helping you navigate the storm. The key is to remain calm, focused, and attentive to the evolving situation. When a hurricane strikes, follow these guidelines:

  • Listen to local authorities: Follow the guidance and advice of local authorities.
  • Evacuate if necessary: If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.
  • Seek shelter: Stay away from windows and seek shelter on the lowest level in an interior room.
  • Avoid flooded roads: Never walk or drive on flooded roads or through water.
  • Call 911: If you’re in a life-threatening situation, call for emergency support right away.

Facing a hurricane can be frightening, but follow these guidelines, and you’ll be in the best position to weather the storm safely.

After a Hurricane

When the winds have died down and the hurricane has moved on, you will need to move to recovery and clean up. While it can be challenging, here are the first steps toward restoring normalcy to your life and your home.

Post-hurricane, your safety remains the top concern. As you begin the process of assessing the damage and cleaning up, here’s a set of guidelines to help you navigate this phase:

  • Safety first: Avoid entering buildings until they’ve been inspected, stay away from power lines, and don’t use electrical equipment if it’s wet or you’re standing in water.
  • Don’t take risks: If the power is out, make sure to use flashlights instead of candles.
  • Discard spoiled food: Throw away any food that wasn’t maintained at a proper temperature or has been exposed to floodwaters.
  • Boil water: Don’t drink tap water until you know it’s safe and clean.
  • Cleanup and disinfection: Clean and disinfect everything that got wet during the hurricane.
  • Airing out: Open doors and windows to air out your home and other buildings.
  • Dry out: Get rid of saturated porous materials, like mattresses or upholstered furniture. Tear out flooring, paneling, drywall, insulation, and electrical outlets that got wet.
  • Hire professionals: Use professional services for water damage assessments, structural drying, mold removal, and reconstruction.

By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to recovering from the storm.

Count On Action Restoration During Hurricane Season

No one can prevent a hurricane, but we can lessen its impact with careful preparation and response. This is where the team at Action Restoration comes in. We are committed to helping you navigate through hurricane season. Our team of experts provides comprehensive services, from pre-storm planning to post-storm recovery and restoration.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that your property is in capable hands. We understand hurricanes’ unique challenges and have the resources and skills to address them efficiently.

Get prepared now and give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything possible to protect your home or business.                          

For expert hurricane restoration, count on Action Restoration. Call us at (800) 760-9081 to schedule your restoration service today.

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