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Professional Restoration Services in Texas

Every structure wears its years in its bricks and mortar. The weather beats down on them day after day, bringing rising damp, mold, and ice damage. Plumbing pipes corrode. Power infrastructure loses its efficacy. Roofing crumbles under fire damage. It takes skill to find out if an aging property needs a gentle hand or a decisive strategy, so restoration is as much an art as it is a technical pursuit. We restore buildings across markets, from residential homes to commercial buildings. We even handle maritime vessels and historic architecture.

Restoring Water Damage

It was water that carved out the Grand Canyon, so never think of it as a gentle force. It can cause catastrophic damage. When we arrive at a building that needs restoration, we ask all the right questions: What can we preserve? What can we prevent? How can we diagnose this damage accurately? With the right diagnosis, our restoration can become more than just restorativeā€”it can be preventative. That’s particularly important in areas like Texas, where violent storms are always around the next corner. Thankfully, material science has evolved enough to help us to meet stiff performance needs. Water damage is often a crisis requiring instant disaster response, or free-running water will cause even more destruction while you wait. That’s why we treat our restorations with the urgency they demand. We aim to minimize the time between destruction and repair so that your costs remain low and mold remediation can be kept to a minimum.

In the Wake of a Fire

Texas has become notorious for its lightning and fires, but your old architecture can still rise from the ashes. The fire recovery process begins with a thorough safety assessment so that we can identify structural issues before they cause harm. If your fire is caused by one of the Gulf Coast’s hurricanes, we’ll not only repair fire damage, but prevent it. We’ll secure the area in a jiff and insulate any exposed pipes or other elements.

After the Smoke Clears

Smoke and soot damage demands comprehensive knowledge of structural cleaning solutions because, with the right choice, we can salvage precious architectural elements. Soot tends to cause oily, acidic stains, but our many years in the industry have taught us how to restore your floors and other surfaces to their oldĀ gleaming selves. This process is labor- and time-intensive, particularly if your air duct system requires restoration. You might never see the inside of that infrastructure, but its cleanliness has a direct impact on your health. That’s why we take it seriously.

Additional Services

Asbestos removal Asbestos was once prevalent in Texas, but it’s by no means eradicated. It hides in ceiling tiles, shingles, insulation, and even paint. Since asbestos is connected to cancers and other illnesses, it must be disposed of with extreme care. Its microscopic fibers can do serious health damage during removal, so we use only the most knowledgeable staff. Structural reconstruction and drying Whether you need wall work, framing, or even industrial structural reconstruction, we’ll restore your building to code. Plumbing overflow cleanup Plumbing overflow demands a rapid response because mold, rot, and structural damage can multiply exponentially in only a matter of minutes. Decontamination Healthy buildings produce healthy workers, so count on us to keep your building and mechanical systems clean. Our decontamination system is registered safe by the EPA and will thoroughly remove microbial threats. At Action Restoration, we don’t merely return your property to its gleaming old self. We make reparations that will reduce future damage, whether through natural disasters or catastrophic events.  
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