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Soot Removal Services in Port Arthur, TX and the Southern Gulf

Removing soot from a building can be especially difficult after fire damage has occurred. Soot is oily and can easily stain carpets, fabrics and upholstery in your home or business. Soot removal is very difficult without the help of professional equipment and cleaning practices. Many people will often opt to replace rather than to restore after a fire damage event because they think soot damage cannot be reversed, but this is not always true. Our professional soot removal services can often restore the surfaces in your home to like-new condition!

If you have experienced a fire and have soot build-up that needs to be removed, contact Action Restoration today for professional soot removal and restoration. 

Soot Removal Process

With our soot removal process, soot damage can often be reversed, but response time plays a critical role in how well soot damage can be reversed. Soot is staining and can be acidic, so the sooner it is removed, the more likely it is that your surfaces can be restored to their original condition.

Once on-site, Action Restoration will use professional soot removal equipment and cleansing agents to remove the soot and odor from your property. Soot removal can be a very labor intensive process, and although we have professional cleaning equipment designed to improve the soot removal process, there is simply no substitute for good ole elbow grease.

Following any fire damage event, we must thoroughly clean the air duct system or your home or business. Our soot removal equipment allows us to thoroughly clean your air duct system to a level that is once again safe for your health.

Schedule Professional Soot Removal Today

If you have experienced fire damage at your home or business in the Gulf Coast region and require professional soot removal, contact Action Restoration today! We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the damage that has been done to your property and an estimate of the cost and amount of time it will take to repair. We will assist you with your insurance claims to ensure that everything is filed correctly so your repairs can begin as quickly as possible.

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