Restoration Equipment Rentals in South Carolina

Flooding during the Atlantic storm season is one of the most common reasons business owners need to rent restoration equipment in South Carolina, but that isn’t the only time you can see disaster strike. South Carolina has seen tornados, hurricanes, and even earthquakes in the past 50 years. It’s during these times that you need restoration equipment—and need it fast. Action Restoration is the premier restoration equipment rental service of the Atlantic Coast and South Carolina in particular.

If you’ve experienced water damage, fire damage, wind damage, or storm damage in your area, Action Restoration has the tools and restoration equipment necessary to help you begin the restoration process and get your project underway fast.  We’ve rented restoration equipment to businesses all over South Carolina and we’ve had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2002.

Rain, and flooding in South Carolina often leads to standing water—and with the humid weather, it’s the perfect environment for mold to grow. With hundreds of air movers, dehumidifiers, heat drying systems, and water extraction devices available to businesses in South Carolina, Action Restoration has the all the products you need from beginning to end, no matter what the storm season brings this year.

Whether you need equipment in Charleston, Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, Rock Hill, Greenville, or anywhere else in South Carolina, call us at 800-760-9081 or fill out the contact form on the right to start the rental process! We service all of South Carolina, from the Atlantic coast to the Appalachian Mountains!

Our Restoration Equipment Available in South Carolina

The Action Restoration team has a broad range of experience dealing with South Carolina disasters large and small, and they can help match you with the right restoration equipment. We are familiar with the southeastern Atlantic weather, the best shipping routes, and the needs of local businesses. We will assess the type of damage done and make sure you have all the equipment you need in order to get the job done right and on time.

We offer the following restoration equipment rentals to South Carolina businesses:

When Might You Need to Rent Equipment?

South Carolina cities near the Atlantic Ocean are prone to flooding and storm damage during hurricane season, and you may not have even realized your home or business was at risk in the first place. Any time a disaster strikes—whether it’s weather-related or man-made—there will likely be some clean-up involved. Time your business is spent shut down is money out of your pocket, so renting equipment as soon as possible is typically your best bet. You may want to consider renting equipment if:

  • You have experienced damage in a remote area
  • You have an ongoing project that will need equipment for an extended period of time
  • You have various areas that need power or HVAC for a temporary period
  • Your company is performing work in a disaster area
  • You’re performing work in an area prone to flooding
  • You’re performing clean-up after a fire or electrical malfunction
  • Any other time you’ll temporarily need the power of industrial restoration equipment

Why Choose Action Restoration?

Since 1998, businesses have relied upon us to get them back to work faster after a weather disaster, flood, or microbial interruption. We own the largest inventory of commercial water drying equipment available to the South Carolina area, and this equipment is also the highest performing in the industry. Our restoration equipment rentals can often accelerate structural drying time by 30 percent or more, reducing financial loss and business interruption. Do the job faster, better, and with higher margins with Action Restoration.

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