Mold Removal in Boerne, TX

In the Gulf Coast region, the humid air provides the moisture that mold needs to thrive. With some species that can produce toxic compounds, mold can pose a significant health threat to the occupants of homes and businesses throughout Boerne, TX and the surrounding areas.

To keep your building healthy and safe, you must eliminate mold at its source. After a significant event like a hurricane, a flood, a plumbing leak, roof damage, or an HVAC system malfunctioning, mold can often start growing in hidden areas such as in wall cavities, beneath carpets, under floor boards, or in HVAC ducts. While you may be able to clean the mold you can see, your problem will remain or even become worse if the hidden mold is not also eliminated.

At Action Restoration, we are trained and certified for mold remediation and we serve residential and commercial customers throughout Boerne, TX. If you suspect you have a mold problem, contact our team today for a mold assessment!

Mold Removal Services in Boerne, TX

At Action Restoration, we provide homes and businesses in Boerne, TX with a variety of mold removal services, including:

  • Air duct cleaning – With the humidity in Boerne, TX, mold can easily take hold inside of HVAC ducts, and if there is a problem with the condensate drain or evaporator, the extent of the mold growth can be significantly worse. We can clean and disinfect your HVAC system and ductwork, preventing it from spreading mold spores throughout your home or business.
  • Surface cleaning – Our cleaning services help to kill any existing mold on a variety of surface materials and our environmentally-friendly ASA-1000 decontaminant solution helps to prevent future mold growth.
  • Mold Removal – Often, porous materials like drywall, carpet, or insulation cannot be cleaned thoroughly or are too damaged to salvage. In those cases, our remediation experts at Action Restoration will safely remove and dispose of the affected materials.
  • Mold inspection – Once the remediation process has been completed, our team will verify the results by performing a final mold inspection to ensure it has all been eliminated.
  • And more!

How Do You Know If You Have Mold?

Mold in normally wet areas like bathrooms can usually be cleaned easily and does not typically pose a health risk. When a major water intrusion happens however, such as a burst pipe or a flood, mold will likely start growing in hidden or hard-to-reach areas. This can pose a serious risk to your health and should be addressed immediately. Some signs you have a mold problem include:

  • Musty or sour odors
  • Discolored or stained surfaces, such as drywall
  • Unusual moist or wet areas
  • Mold that spreads quickly
  • Strange smells form your HVAC system

If you notice any of these symptoms in your home or business, contact our team at Action Restoration for a mold inspection in Boerne, TX or the surrounding areas. Regular mold inspections can help to prevent illness and increase indoor air quality.

Schedule Boerne, TX Mold Removal Today

If you believe you have a mold problem in your home or business, contact Action Restoration for a mold assessment and comprehensive mold remediation services in Boerne, TX. We can inspect your building and determine the extent of the damage, providing an estimate for mold remediation and any necessary repairs. We can also help you document the damage and assist with the insurance claims process.

Call us today at (800) 760-9081 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for mold remediation in Boerne, TX or the Gulf Coast region!

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