Fire Restoration in Boerne, Texas

A fire can have devastating consequences for a home or business, between the serious structural damage caused during the initial blaze and the long-lasting effects of soot, smoke, and ash contamination. It is critical to act quickly after a fire to minimize long-term damage and to protect the contents of the building. At Action Restoration, we have the skills and equipment to help you recover from a fire or any other disaster. Our experts can help you through every step of the process, from the initial damage assessment to building reconstruction. With more than 20 years of disaster recovery experience in Boerne, TX and the Gulf Coast region, you can count on our team for reliable, professional help during the often chaotic aftermath of a fire.

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Our Boerne, TX Fire Restoration Services

A fire causes many types of damage, from charred wood and soot stains to lingering odors and water damage. At Action Restoration, we can help with all this, and more, while simultaneously organizing and directing the recovery efforts.

Our fire restoration services for Boerne, TX include:

  • Emergency fire response With as little as 24 hours notice, our team can respond to fire at your home or business in Boerne, TX with all the equipment to start immediate recovery efforts, from securing the building to extracting water, repairing the roof, and removing smoke and odors.
  • Temporary board-ups – Windows and doors are often lost during the fire or damaged as emergency responders work to extinguish the fire. To prevent weather damage or vandalism and secure your building, our team can board up windows, doors, damaged walls, and any other large openings.
  • Structural and contents cleaning Fires not only leave behind extensive structural damage, but the corrosive compounds found in soot and ash can also cause ongoing damage to interior surfaces and the contents of the building. At Action Restoration, we employ advanced cleaning solutions and procedures to remove ash and soot, reduce odors, and clean the interior of your building and its contents.
  • Item removal and processing – Not all of a building’s continents can be saved, and as our specially-trained experts inventory salvageable items and dispose of damaged ones, we will document the process thoroughly in writing and with photos to help as you begin filing insurance claims.
  • Temporary storage space – When you need storage space after a fire, our storage packages from Action Restoration can provide a secure facility for your possessions while your building is being repaired.
  • HVAC duct and filter cleaning Air filters, ducts, and other HVAC components often accumulate soot, ash, and chemicals during a fire. Our experts can replace the air filters and clean the HVAC system to eliminate odors and smoke, leaving clean, fresh air for your family or employees.
  • Electronic restoration – Homes and businesses in the Boerne area often have dozens of electronic devices, from computers and mobile phones to office equipment. At Action Restoration, our electronic restoration services can help you save the expense of replacing these devices while protecting critical data.
  • Soot removal & deodorization Residual soot and smoke can leave behind lasting odors that are hard to eliminate. Our team can remove soot and distracting odors using advanced equipment and procedures, like negative air machines and ozone treatments.

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At Action Restoration, our fire restoration services help homes and businesses throughout Boerne, TX respond quickly after a fire to limit damage, reduce repair costs, and rebuild as swiftly as possible.

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