Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Arlington, TX

Are your carpets dirty from normal wear and tear? Maybe you’ve had a recent disaster that has left your carpets dirty or stained. No matter what your problem is, Action Restoration can help.

We offer comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services in Arlington, TX with industry leading equipment, experience, and expertise. Whether you have a thousand square feet or ten thousand, we have the manpower and equipment to meet your needs.

Protect your carpet, beautify your place of business, and give your employees a healthy working environment with regular carpet cleanings from Action Restoration.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Arlington, TX

We offer comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning solutions in Arlington, TX, including:

  • Whole Facility Cleaning – If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in a while and you want to give your facility a fresh new look, we can provide whole facility carpet cleaning.
  • High Traffic Cleaning – Every business has high-traffic areas that see substantially more wear than the rest of the carpet in the building. If you’re having a problem with high-traffic areas looking worn out, set up regular cleaning services to extend the life of your carpet.
  • Spot Cleaning – If you’ve had a spill that has caused unsightly stains, our spot treatment services are an effective way to get your carpet back to normal without breaking down its fibers.
  • Carpet Deodorization – Over time, carpet absorbs odors and these odors can be very difficult to remove without the proper equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment and professional-strength carpet deodorizers can neutralize even the toughest odors—eliminating them at the source.
  • Carpet Protection – After we have cleaned your carpets, we can apply a professional-strength carpet protection solution that helps your carpet resist spills, dirt, and daily wear and tear. Our carpet protection solution essentially creates a shield around your carpet fibers that make it more difficult for dirt or fluids to infiltrate.

When Do I Need Carpet Cleaning Services?

When or how often you have your carpets cleaned depends on a number of factors. High-traffic areas and industrial facilities generally will need to have their carpets cleaned more frequently as dirt and debris is tracked in from the warehouse to the office areas. For normal wear and tear, it is entirely up to you. The more often you have your carpets cleaned, the easier it is to keep them in like-new condition. Allowing stains or dirt to settle for long periods of time can make them more difficult to remove.

If you’ve experienced a disaster like a pipe leak or a contaminant leak, you need to have carpet cleaning performed immediately. If you do not have water or contaminants removed within 48 hours, your carpet will facilitate the growth of mold and mildew. At this point, they must be removed and replaced.

Schedule Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you need commercial carpet cleaning in the Gulf Coast region for your business, contact Action Restoration today! We are fully trained, certified, and equipped to tackle carpet cleaning in commercial, industrial, off-shore, or even maritime settings.

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