Asbestos Removal in Boerne, TX

Asbestos can pose serious risks to your health. Never touch asbestos and never try to remove it yourself, as doing so is extremely dangerous. If you need a professional in Boerne, TX to remove it safely and properly, contact our experts at Action Restoration. Call today at 1-800-760-9081 or contact us online!

Until 1978, asbestos was commonly used as an insulating material, a fire retardant, and as a friction material for automotive brake pads and clutch discs, among other applications. Its high performance in these roles made it extremely popular, until it was revealed to have serious health implications, especially for those who worked around it often.

When asbestos is disturbed, it releases tiny fibers that are easily inhaled, where they embed in the lungs and other soft tissues, causing a variety of problems. The most serious is mesothelioma, an aggressive type of lung cancer that is often deadly and is linked almost exclusively to asbestos exposure. Other proctorial health problems caused by asbestos include:

  • Lung impairment
  • Asbestos warts and other skin conditions
  • Asbestosis
  • And more…

Many homes and businesses built before the 1978 ban may sill contain the material. Asbestos was often used in building products like shingles, siding, insulation, pipe insulation, and even some drywall products. In general, if the asbestos was in good condition and not shedding fibers, it would be left in place and possibly coated to reduce the chances of shedding.

Now that the risks of asbestos are well-known, special training, equipment, and abatement procedures have been developed to safely remove and dispose of asbestos and asbestos-containing products. This helps to protect the health of those removing it, as well as the occupants of the building.

At Action Restoration, we have the training and equipment to remove asbestos from homes businesses, and marine vessels safely, and we are fully licensed and certified for asbestos abatement. We can help you eliminate asbestos from your home or business anywhere in Boerne, TX or the Gulf Coast region.

Benefits of Asbestos Removal in Boerne, TX

Removing asbestos from your home or business significantly decreases your risk of developing mesothelioma and respiratory ailments. Removal will help protect your family’s health and the health of any pets in the home. Hiring a certified asbestos removal company can ensure the job is done appropriately, which will significantly alleviate the concerns of prospective buyers when you are ready to put the property on the market.

Contact Action Restoration at (800) 760-9081 for more information about asbestos removal in Boerne and nearby areas.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Boerne, TX

Asbestos abatement requires complex equipment and procedures to contain the asbestos and any stray fibers, as well as hours of rigorous training to learn how to do it safely and effectively. Our asbestos removal team at Action Restoration has extensive experience with the entire process and they will work diligently to remove the asbestos from your property in a manner that protects the health and safety of the building occupants.

Our experts understand that every building is designed and set up differently, and they have the skills to adapt the containment procedures to any situation and any building size. Before we begin the removal process at your Boerne home or business, we will perform a full inspection of the building to determine the best plan for safe and effective removal of asbestos materials. We will work as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions to your schedule while still following all safety procedures.

Schedule Asbestos Removal Services in Boerne, TX

If you suspect that you have asbestos in your home or business, contact our team at Action Restoration to have it positively identified and to discuss your removal options.

To learn more about asbestos removal in Boerne, TX or the Gulf Coast region, call us today at 1-800-760-9081 or contact us online!

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