Asbestos Removal in Biloxi, Mississippi

Asbestos poses a serious threat to your health. If you suspect you have asbestos in your Biloxi, MS home or businesses, call Action Restoration today at (800) 760-9081 or contact us online to schedule safe, professional asbestos removal services!

Before 1978, many building materials contained asbestos as an insulating or fire retardant material. It was commonly found in insulation, drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles, shingles, pipe insulation, and numerous other products. After learning of its detrimental effects on health, the material was banned in the United States for most uses starting in 1978—though removing it from existing structures was not required.

Asbestos can cause or contribute to many health conditions, including mesothelioma, an especially dangerous form of lung cancer. The problem occurs as asbestos fibers break away from damaged materials that contain the substance, becoming airborne. Once in the air, the fibers can land on the skin or be inhaled, causing:

  • Lung damage and impairment
  • Asbestosis, a long-term inflammation and scarring of the lungs
  • Asbestos warts and other skin conditions

Because it poses such a risk to human health, asbestos must be removed by a professional with specialized equipment, procedures, and precautions to protect the health of both the employees removing it and the occupants of the building.

At Action Restoration, we feature a team of experienced professionals that have received extensive training in asbestos removal and disposal techniques. We can provide safe, effective removal of asbestos-containing materials from homes, businesses, industrial facilities, and more.

Contact us now for asbestos removal services throughout the Biloxi, MS area.

How Do I Know if I Have Asbestos?

If your home or business was constructed prior to 1978, there is a good chance that asbestos-containing products were used, such as insulation or drywall. As long as the materials are in good condition, and not crumbling, flaking, or otherwise damaged, removal may not be necessary. If there is any damage, however, it is important to have the materials checked for asbestos content. Because the fibers are too small to be visible, only a laboratory test can confirm the danger.

At Action Restoration, we can safely collect samples from your Biloxi home or business and have them independently tested for asbestos content. If any is found, we can discuss your removal options and schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Asbestos Removal in Biloxi, MS

Removing asbestos from your home or business significantly decreases your risk of developing mesothelioma and respiratory ailments. Removal will help protect your family’s health and the health of any pets in the home. Hiring a certified asbestos removal company can ensure the job is done appropriately, which will significantly alleviate the concerns of prospective buyers when you are ready to put the property on the market.

Contact Action Restoration at (800) 760-9081 for more information about asbestos removal in Biloxi and surrounding areas.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Biloxi, MS

If your home or business in Biloxi has been confirmed to have asbestos that poses a danger to your health, only a licensed, certified professional can legally remove it. At Action Restoration, we have the equipment and tools necessary to ensure safe, effective removal of asbestos from your property. Our asbestos abatement services are cost-effective and are designed to minimize the chances of asbestos exposure throughout the process.

We will inspect your building and implement a custom asbestos removal plan that minimizes the risks to both building occupants and the removal team. We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to remove the materials without causing any unnecessary safety or health risks.

Schedule Asbestos Removal in Biloxi, MS

Don’t risk your health. Contact Action Restoration today for asbestos removal services that are professional, safe, and effective. We are proud to serve homeowners and businesses throughout Biloxi, and we offer a full range of disaster recovery services, including flood, fire, storm, and mold damage restoration.

To schedule asbestos removal services in Biloxi, MS, give us a call at (800) 760-9081 or contact us online today!

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