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When the symptoms of mold present themselves in the basement of your business or home, a fast, professional response is the key to ensuring complete recovery. The issue of mold is common in our Southern Gulf area, and it is responsible for hundreds of thousands in repairs and property loss. Working alongside Action Restoration to provide your basement mold remediation assures you of a comprehensive solution at the hands of industry-leading, certified specialists.

The basement mold remediation teams at Action Restoration utilize cutting-edge technology and proven techniques to completely and totally resolve your mold issues.

The Dangers of Mold

When your basement is exposed to an excessive presence of moisture, either through storm and flood damage, or simply by lacking moisture control solutions, your business can be at serious risk of:

  • Structural damage. Structures that utilize drywall and wood inparticular, but many building materials are susceptible to the rot that can accompany a growing colony of mold. This can lead to serious floor and wall damage, and poses a risk of permanent structural damage.
  • Property loss. The supplies and possessions commonly stored in your home or business’ basement can be entirely destroyed by a mold colony that has been left too long. This can result in massive property loss, and costly replacements of supplies and personal items.
  • Health risks. Aside from the foul odors that come along with a mold infestation, those with allergies and respiratory issues suffer increased symptoms in the presence of mold.

Basement Mold Remediation with Action Restoration

Within mere hours of being exposed to moisture, your basement can begin cultivating mold that will rampantly spread throughout the space. Our experts will remove the mold in your basement with:

  • Drying processes. If necessary, our specialists will provide structural drying to prevent further and future mold with industry-leading drying equipment sized appropriately to meet your structure’s needs.
  • Surface cleaning. All affected surfaces will be cleaned and decontaminated utilizing our environmentally friendly ASA-1000 decontaminant solution.
  • Mold removal. Possessions and items that have been contaminated will be restored if possible. Failing restoration, we will remove and dispose of these items.
  • Mold inspection. After the basement mold remediation process is complete, Action Restoration will perform a comprehensive final assessment to ensure that all traces and cultures have been entirely remedied.

Want to learn more about how we attack and eliminate mold? Call us today at (800) 760-9081.

Why Choose Action Restoration for Your Basement Mold Remediation?

For nearly twenty years, Action Restoration has been wholly dedicated to providing professional, comprehensive and dependable restoration and remediation services to our Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi patrons.

  • We are a privately owned business.
  • We hold dozens of certifications, including IICRC certified restoration teams.
  • Our staff includes a full team of over ten thousand certified specialists.
  • We utilize cutting-edge tools and technology to diagnose, repair, clear, clean and address your need for remediation services.
  • We have long-standing and successful business relationships with our consumers.

Contact Action Restoration for your Basement Mold Remediation in the Southern Gulf

When dealing with mold in your home or business, be aware that time is critical to a complete recovery. Mold cannot simply be removed, and requires professional services to provide the security you and your home or business needs!

For more about our remediation services or to set your appointment, call Action Restoration at (800) 760-9081 today or contact us online!

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