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Mold Inspection in Port Arthur, TX and the Southern Gulf

For homes and businesses alike in the Gulf Coast area, mold represents a very real and very serious danger to your structure. Locating and addressing mold is a top priority, as even within a handful of hours, a minor cultivation can turn into a full blown infestation. Action Restoration provides unparalleled mold remediation and recovery services, guaranteed to provide the service your structure needs to remove mold.

Action Restoration utilizes top-quality and cutting edge remediation technology. Paired with our highly skilled and peerlessly trained remediation teams, our mold remediation services stand unmatched in the Gulf Coast!

Mold in all of its forms is a resilient and resistant fungus. Once it has taken root in your structure, only a fully comprehensive professional response can guarantee your infestation is totally handled.

Mold Inspection Services with Action Restoration

Utilizing our industry-leading technology, Action Restoration can detect and treat mold within your structure without fail. We will perform comprehensive mold inspections on structures that either suspect a mold infestation, or in those that have recently been a victim of mold growth. Our inspection includes a total analysis of your structure, including:

  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Mold spore travels freely in HVAC systems, cycling throughout your entire structure and posing a severe risk of mold growth. To ensure mold is totally dealt with, our inspection will include a full check of all HVAC systems to ensure no spores are present, and that no excess moisture presents a threat of future mold growth.
  • Foundations and walls. Both the inside and outside of your walls are susceptible to harboring moisture, particularly in the event of storm damage. Additionally, the foundation of your structure may be compromised by mold in damp and wet weather.
  • Basements. Basements have a reputation for being damp and readily supporting mold growth. Our mold inspection will include an analysis of your structure’s basement to ensure it is not contaminated, and that it will not support mold in the future.
  • Attics and other overhead storage areas. When your structure is threatened by flooding, storm damage, or other forms of water damage, top-floor storage areas stand at risk. Damn materials and possessions can become quickly infested with mold, which will rapidly spread to walls and floors.

Why Choose Action Restoration for Your Mold Inspection?

For two decades, Action Restoration has provided clients in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi with dependable, high quality recovery and remediation services. Our certified professionals coupled with our proven technology ensures you get solutions that are fast, effective, and wholly reliable.

  • We are a privately owned business.
  • We hold dozens of certifications, including IICRC certified restoration teams.
  • Our staff includes a full team of over ten thousand certified specialists.
  • We utilize cutting-edge tools and technology to diagnose, repair, clear, clean and address your need for remediation services.
  • We have long-standing and successful business relationships with our consumers.

Contact Action Restoration for your Mold Inspection in Port Arthur and the Southern Gulf

Where mold is concerned, you must act quickly to ensure a full recovery. If left to grow, a mold infestation can endanger your possessions, assets, and the very structure of your home or business itself. To get your comprehensive remediation and inspection services, contact Action Restoration today!

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