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Tugboat Cleaning, Sanitation & Decontamination

Action Restoration is a leading provider of tugboat cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination services throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast region. Whether you need asbestos abatement, mold removal, smoke odor elimination, or just general sanitation services, we can help. ActionRestoration HD from AngelVision Technologies, Inc. on Vimeo. We employ only trained and certified maritime sanitation and decontamination professionals and equip them with industry leading, state-of-the-art products to leave your tug boat in like-new condition. Contact us today to learn more or schedule sanitation services.

Our Tugboat Cleaning & Sanitation Services

We offer comprehensive support and sanitation services for tugboats, including:
  1. HVAC & Duct Cleaning  ducts and conduits become blocked with debris, germs, and invisible airborne particles, causing unhealthy and potentially dangerous conditions on tugboats. We clean air duct systems on tugboats, providing healthier and safer work environments for your workers.
  2. Galley Exhaust Hood Cleaning – we remove fats and oils from canopy hoods in the galley to reduce fire risk.
  3. Asbestos Abatement  asbestos can be a significant health risk and is a known carcinogen. We are fully trained and certified to safely remove asbestos from your tugboat and comply with all local and federal laws related to proper asbestos removal.
  4. Mold Remediation – mold can cause unhealthy conditions for tugboats workers. We use environmentally friendly mold remediation techniques to remove mold from your tugboat’s air ducts and surfaces, providing your workers with clean air—meaning healthy workers and no loss of productivity.
  5. Interior (Living Area) Sanitation/Surface Decontamination – we sterilize interior surfaces with chemicals to prevent disease and infection.
  6. Smoke and Odor Elimination – with the large and powerful diesel engines of tugboats, smoke and exhaust buildup is common. Our smoke and odor removal process will leave your tugboat free of odor, creating a more pleasant working environment on board.

Tugboats We Service

Action Restoration provides cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination for all types of tugboats, including:
  • Seagoing tugboats
  • Harbour tugboats
  • River tugboats
Although each type of tugboat serves a different purpose, all are commonly exposed to situations that can be potentially dangerous to the crew. From chemical leak repair to fire damage restoration to simple routine cleanings, Action Restoration can do it all.

Schedule Tugboats Cleaning & Sanitation Services

If you need restoration, cleaning, decontamination, or sanitation services for your tugboats,  contact Action Restoration today! Whether you need mold removal, general sanitation, duct cleaning, or asbestos removal for your tugboat, Action Restoration is fully trained and licensed to help you with your project.
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