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Offshore Vessel Cleaning & Sanitation Services in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi

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As a marine vessel owner, you are already aware that maintenance and regular cleaning are a must to keep your ship safe, healthy, and structurally sound. Marine vessels offer ideal environments for the buildup of contaminants, mold, and more that must be cleaned and removed regularly to keep workers healthy—and meet regulations. ActionRestoration HD from AngelVision Technologies, Inc. on Vimeo. Action Restoration has a highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to provide thorough cleaning and sanitation of your marine vessel. If your marine vessel is in need of cleaning, decontamination, or general sanitation services, contact Action Restoration today. With 24-7 emergency service, Action Restoration is here to help whenever you need it most.

Note: We do not provide generic janitorial services for offshore vessels. We provide only highly specialized cleaning services that require certification and training to perform. Read more about the cleaning services we offer below. 

Maritime Ship & Vessel Cleaning in the Gulf of Mexico

Cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination services for maritime vessels require specialized training, experience, and equipment that few companies can offer. Action Restoration specializes in vessel cleaning, HVAC, decontamination, mold removal, and more for cruise ships, offshore platforms, boats, and more. We are trained and certified to perform sanitation and HVAC services for the maritime industry throughout the Gulf Coast region. With offices in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, we are able to provide timely response throughout the Gulf.

Our Marine Vessel Cleaning & Sanitation Services

We offer comprehensive support and sanitation services for offshore oil and gas platforms including:
  • HVAC & Duct Cleaning – Ducts and conduits become blocked with debris, germs, and invisible airborne particles, causing unhealthy and potentially dangerous conditions on maritime vessels. We clean air duct systems on boats, offshore platforms, and cruise ships, providing healthier and safer work environments for employees and guests.
  • Galley Exhaust Hood Cleaning – We remove fats and oils from canopy hoods in the galley to reduce fire risk.
  • Asbestos Removal – Asbestos can be a significant health risk and is a known carcinogen. We are fully trained and certified to safely remove asbestos from your maritime vessel and comply with all local and federal laws related to proper asbestos removal.
  • Mold Remediation – Mold can cause unhealthy conditions for offshore workers. We use environmentally friendly mold remediation techniques to remove mold from your air ducts and surfaces, providing inhabitants with healthy air.
  • Interior Sanitation/Surface Decontamination – We sterilize interior surfaces with chemicals to prevent disease and infection.
  • Smoke and Odor Elimination – The nature of offshore vessels allows for the buildup of smoke and odor. Our smoke and odor removal process will leave your platform, boat, or ship free of odor, creating a more pleasant living environment for workers and guests.
Offshore vessels can present challenges that require special training and experience to complete effectively. Our employees are fully trained and certified in offshore support services, so contact us today to get started!

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Our team has been providing restoration and decontamination service to vessels since we opened in 1998. If you need offshore support services for your platform, ship, vessel, or boat, contact Action Restoration today! Whether you need mold removal, general sanitation, duct cleaning, or asbestos removal for your maritime vessel, Action Restoration is fully trained and licensed to help you with your project. We can service any offshore vessel in the Gulf, including areas off the coasts of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Choose Action Restoration for Maritime Ship Cleaning

What sets Action Restoration apart from other cleaning and decontamination services?
  • We own all of our equipment and employ a full-time team of over 100 disaster response professionals.
  • We own the largest inventory of commercial water drying equipment available
  • Our water drying equipment is also the highest performing in the industry
  • We can often accelerate structural drying time by 30% or more (thus, reducing financial loss and business interruption).
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