Disaster Recovery in Port Arthur, TX

When disaster strikes the Gulf Coast, Texans need a company they know they can turn to for help restoring their property. Action Restoration has been in the disaster recovery industry for over a decade—we have faced many intense floods, storms, fires, and beyond. We are more than prepared to help your home or business recover however you need.

We provide disaster recovery services to the following:

  • Residential Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Government Institutions
  • Commercial Properties
  • And More!

Keep reading to learn more about our disaster recovery services in Port Arthur.

Fire Damage Restoration in Port Arthur

Even if a fire is extinguished in a timely manner, it leaves behind ash, soot, and potentially toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc on a home or building. This can cause stains and create further damage. When you call in Action Restoration after a fire, our team will work to minimize this damage to save or restore the content of your home or business.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for fire damage repair services. Contact us now for fire damage restoration in Port Arthur.

Storm Damage Repair in Port Arthur

You can never anticipate the damage a storm might cause. So, when you’re facing severe destruction to your home or business, Action Restoration is here to help. From water damage to compromised building integrity, our experienced team has the skills to breathe life back into your building with our storm damage repair services.

To learn more about our professional storm damage repair services in Port Arthur, contact us online now.

Water Damage Restoration in Port Arthur

With all the hurricanes we face in Texas, water damage is unfortunately a common occurrence. Our water damage specialists are available 24 hours a day to rescue your home or business from permanent water damage. If treated in a timely manner, your water damage and associated costs can be significantly minimized by professional restoration. Our team is dedicated to getting to you as quickly as possible to reduce potential damage costs.

If you are in need of water damage restoration in Port Arthur, contact us online now.

Mold Removal in Port Arthur

Mold growth is a serious concern after floor or other water damage. In the Texas humidity, mold can easily grow in the aftermath of a hurricane or flood. With our professional mold removal services, you can avoid costly damages and potential health problems. We know how to treat a wide variety of mold so that safety is restored to your building as quickly as possible.

Contact us today for mold removal services in Port Arthur.

Contact Our Port Arthur, TX Disaster Recovery Company

When disaster strikes your home or business in Port Arthur, Action Restoration is here to help you recover. Whether you are dealing with damage from fire, water, or beyond, our trained and certified professionals are ready to help restore your building however necessary.

Call us at any time for rapid disaster recovery to avoid exorbitant restoration costs. Give us a call at (800) 760-9081 or contact us online for disaster restoration services in Port Arthur.

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