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Disaster Recovery Services in Lake Charles, Louisiana

When disaster strikes your Lake Charles home or business, your life can swiftly be ground to a halt. In order to return your structure to normal, you require knowledgeable and expertly-equipped disaster remediation specialists that can provide a swift response and thorough solution. Action Restoration offers a full range of disaster recovery services to all clients in Lake Charles, LA, including:

  • Residential Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Government Institutions
  • Commercial Properties

Whether the scope of your needs is small or very large, our experts and trained remediation teams can offer ideal solutions in Lake Charles.

For more information about our disaster recovery services in Lake Charles, please contact Action Restoration online, or to speak to a project manager today, dial (800) 760-9081.

Water Damage Restoration in Lake Charles, LA

In the event of water breaching your business, time becomes the most precious resource you have. A swift and decisive response can save valuables, possessions, and even the structure itself, putting a stop to further damage and loss. The emergency response and water damage restoration specialists at Action Restoration are available and ready at all times, 24 hours a day. With our assessment, extraction, and remediation services, we can put a stop to water damage in your home or business, helping you return to normal efficiently and as soon as possible.

Mold Removal in Lake Charles, LA

When standing water and excessive moisture are present, mold shifts from a mere nuisance to a very real threat. Even within hours, mold can begin infesting your structure, and everything from walls and supports to carpets and valuables are at risk.

Our Lake Charles mold removal and sanitation experts utilize EPA-registered ASA-1000 decontamination tools to assess the extent of the mold infestation and provide a thorough removal service, helping protect your home or business and preserving the overall health of occupants.

Fire Damage Restoration in Lake Charles, LA

In many cases, a fire in your home or business can continue to damage the structure and contents of the structure far past the event itself. Ash, soot, and toxic fumes are all present for an extended period of time, and any one of them can put the health of occupants in jeopardy, as well as cause further harm to the building.

Our fire restoration specialists are equipped to provide complete cleaning and recovery services, eliminating these common aftermath hazards and helping you to get back on your feet as soon as safety will allow. Our specialists offer full coverage 24-hour fire remediation services in Lake Charles, so please contact us as soon as possible for the best chance of protecting your assets.

Storm Damage Repair in Lake Charles, LA

Aggressive weather is all too common in the Lake Charles area and greater Louisiana as a whole. Have thunderstorms, heavy rains, or flooding put your property at risk? Regardless of the scope or scale of damage, Action Restoration can provide the array of services you need in order to restore your home or commercial building. Our specially trained and certified restoration and sanitation experts offer everything from water extraction, to dehumidification, fire restoration, and pipe flooding services, giving you all you need to get back on your feet.

Contact Our Lake Charles, LA Disaster Recovery Company

Since 1998, Action Restoration has been helping home and business owners recover from disasters and storm damage. With over 100 trained service specialists and a range of certifications, including Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) certification status, our restoration company can offer you the prompt and effective solutions you need in Lake Charles.

Get in touch as soon as disaster strikes. Contact us today if you’ve experienced a disaster in Lake Charles.

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