What Are The Risks of Prolonged Mold Exposure?

As you probably already know, exposure to mold can have negative health consequences, especially if you are exposed to mold for long periods of time. It is important to note that some varieties of mold are relatively benign while others can carry significantly more serious—even deadly—health threats.

If you discover mold at your home or business, it is very important that you do not ignore it, especially if you have discovered it under carpets, behind walls, or in your air ducts. Small amounts of mold in your kitchen are bathroom are normal and can be taken care of yourself, but mold behind walls, in ducts, or under your flooring represent a very serious problem and a can be a danger to your health.

Call an environmental inspector immediately to have a thorough mold inspection of your property. When this is complete, you must take the completed environmental report to a certified mold remediation company—like Action Restoration.

Health Risks of Mold Exposure

There are many health risks of prolonged mold exposure, including (but not limited to):

  • Cancer – it is accepted as fact that ingesting too much mold on food can cause cancer. The science on whether inhaling mold can cause cancer is less clear, however, but initial studies are suggesting that airborne mold exposure can increase your chances of developing a number of forms of cancer.
  • Behavioral Changes – there is a link between people with prolonged mold exposure and behavioral issues like depressions, paranoia, and personality changes.
  • Cognitive Impairment – according to doctors at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, cognitive impairment can be associated with prolonged mold exposure. Problems can range from minor memory loss to major cognitive failure.
  • Ataxia – ataxia is the loss of full control of body movements. Exposure to mold is not the sole cause of ataxia, but there is a link between the two.
  • Convulsions – toxic black mold, or stachybotrys chararum, has been linked to seizures and convulsions.
  • And More – in addition to the ailments listed above, there are dozens of other potential health complications that can result from prolonged mold exposure. Never put mold remediation off. If you discover mold in your home or business, get it checked out immediately!

Why Is Mold Bad For Your Health?

Mold is bad for your health for a number of reasons. The mold itself can enter your brain and cause a number of the issues we’ve already discussed above. Although all mold is not harmful, there are several types of toxic molds that can create fungal infections in your brain, lungs, or sinuses.

Gram positive and gram negative bacteria commonly grow alongside mold as they grow in similar environments. They can combine with mold spores to worsen symptoms and complicate treatment as you may develop both fungal and bacterial infections.

Professional Mold Remediation

If you have discovered mold at your home or business and you are in need of mold remediation services, contact Action Restoration today! We’ll help you navigate through your insurance paperwork and file your claim—minimizing work for you and getting your mold remediation work underway more quickly!

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