What Are The Best Ways to Clean Up Water Damage?

Water damage is the most costly source of damage to buildings in the U.S. annually. Between flooding rains, burst pipes, and leaky fixtures, water damage can occur in a variety of ways. All forms of water damage are not equal, however, and they can require different methods for cleaning.

Cleaning Up Water Damage From “Clean” Water Sources

If you’ve had a burst water pipe or a leaky fixture, water damage can sometimes be relatively simply, depending on the extent of the leak. If there is simply a pooling of water in the floor, simply soaking up the water is generally sufficient. It may be a good idea to open the windows to your home or business as well to let the home air out and reduce the humidity within the structure.

If you notice that walls or floors have been penetrated by the water, you should call a water damage professional to survey the full extent of the damage. They will be able to make the appropriate recommendation and they will have the equipment necessary to dry out your structure before mold and mildew growth occurs.

Keep in mind that all broken pipes are not the same. If you have a broken sewage pipe, you should call a water damage restoration professional immediately. Sewage contains a number of harmful contaminants and should only be cleaned up by certified professionals.

Cleaning Up Water Damage from “Dirty” Water Sources

Dirty water sources, like broken sewage lines or even an overflowing toilet with fecal matter, should always be handled by a professional with the proper safety equipment. Failing to properly clean and sanitize an area following water damage from dirty water sources can lead to health issues for people that come into contact with the area.

Broken sewage pipes and toilets, however, are not the only sources of dirty water. Flooding rains also carry a number of contaminants and pathogens. Even a small amount of water infiltration from flooding rains can cause serious health consequences for your buidling–leading to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria that can lead to a number of ailments for your employees or family members.

Water damage from dirty water sources will require the removal and disposal of anything porous, including carpet, walls, wooden floors, and more. There is no way to sufficiently clean them, so they must be replaced to mitigate the risk of negative health effects.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

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