Understanding Flood Damage

In the wake of a flood, be it the result of a Gulf Coast storm, plumbing mishaps, or any number of issues, the fallout to your property is your primary concern. Without a background in flood damage restoration, you may feel overwhelmed. How do you repair the devastation, prevent further loss, and moreover, deal with your insurance company, so you can make repairs and get back to business as soon as possible?

When your business sustains water damage, response time is crucial. You need professional, thorough and experienced technicians in flood damage restoration in the area, and you need them now. Your business and your livelihood depend on it. Acting as timely as possible not only enables you to get back to your obligation to clients and customers, but also ensures prevention of further damage to your property and inventory, such as mold, mildew, and contamination.

First Things First

Contact your insurer and engage the services of a company adept at flood damage restoration to review your flood ravaged property. Flood damage restoration technicians are trained in the thorough extraction of water, drying out of your structure, and dehumidifying in order to prevent mildew and mold growth. By hiring a flood damage restoration team, you’ll ensure what can be salvaged will be, and your business, or property, is restored to it’s prior condition in the fastest way possible. Action Restoration will work directly with your insurer to provide rapid repairs to your flood damaged property.

Once water loss is apparent, and your structure has been declared sound by local authorities, it’s crucial to begin salvaging as much of your property as you can. Take pictures of the damage and then begin moving those items which can be taken away, and assess the damage to your personal property and inventory. Pull up wet carpeting and baseboards, and anything which is beyond repair, but can be safely moved. By doing so you’ll inhibit mold growth, and assist in preparation for your flood damage restoration company to do their job.

A representative from the restoration company will make an assessment of damage to your structure, personal items and any property housed within your business. He or she will provide you with an estimate for your insurance company, and go over any specific directions you may have. Once your contract is outlined, your flood restoration team will begin their work.

Flood Damage Restoration Work Begins

The initial phase of your flood damage restoration begins with water extraction. Once all standing, and sopping water has been removed, your professional restoration team will begin drying out your structural components. Dry wall and sheet rock tend to sop up water, so drying out your building is necessary. Action Restoration has the largest inventory of commercial drying equipment in the gulf coast area, providing you with the latest technology to salvage your structure.

As the final step to water remediation of your property, the dehumidifying process will begin. While this process can be time-consuming, you are assured, with Action Restoration, the most thorough job. Our state-of-the-art dehumidifying equipment uses a measure of dew-point, temperature, and humidity sensing to provide you with the utmost in flood damage restoration.

Contact The Best Flood Damage Restoration Company on the Gulf Coast

Action Restoration is your go-to for flood damage restoration in the Gulf Coast area. From Florida, to Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, you can trust Action Restoration beginning to end. We’ll work directly with your insurer, freeing you to do your job, and we won‘t finish until your business is restored. If you need flood damage restoration, contact Action Restoration today. Time is of the essence.

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