The Disastrous Impact of Hurricanes

Hurricanes are one of the most damaging natural disasters that we experience in the U.S. These destructive storms often have far-reaching impacts that last long after the winds die down and the waters subside. During a hurricane, high winds, storm surge, heavy rainfall, and inland flooding cause significant destruction of property, extended interruption of operations, and loss of life. Hurricanes are a considerable threat to the United States’ 95,000 miles of shoreline. With the intensity, frequency, and duration of hurricanes increasing, it is important to consider the tangible impacts of hurricanes on our population. While those in the path of a hurricane often feel the devastating impact on their homes, storms can affect the larger U.S. economy in lasting ways.

Hurricane Impact on Homes

Our homes are refuges from the world where we feel safe and protected. It is absolutely devastating for a homeowner when a natural disaster causes considerable damage to their home or destroys it entirely. The damage caused to homes by hurricanes varies greatly based on the severity of the hurricane, the structure in question, and the susceptibility of the surrounding area to flooding. Hurricanes are rated 1-5 for severity on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The higher the rating, the worse the damage is expected to be to real estate. This scale is based on wind speed: a category 1 hurricane has winds of 75-95 mph, while a category 5 hurricane creates winds of over 156 mph. These powerful winds can tear homes apart, rip shingles and siding away, cause nearby trees to fall on them, or batter them with debris that breaks windows and damages property.

It is important to note that strong winds are not a homeowner’s only concern during a hurricane; flooding during hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage. Flooding results in long-term damage such as mold, electrical issues, irreparable damage to furniture and appliances, stained carpets, swelling of wood, and rust damage. Repairs can take anywhere from weeks to years, and homeowners may be displaced in that time. For houses on the beach, storm surge can cause buildings to collapse due to the incredibly strong forces exerted by moving water. The Saffir-Simpson Scale does not take flooding or storm surge into account, and a hurricane with lower wind speeds can still have devastating effects on homes.

Impact of Hurricanes on the Economy

Hurricanes cause considerable damage to the U.S. economy each year. The most apparent impact is the physical damage on homes, businesses, property, and infrastructure. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that expected economic losses total $54 billion per year for most types of damage caused by storm surges, hurricane winds, and heavy precipitation.

But physical damage is just the tip of the iceberg; hurricanes’ impacts ripple through the economy in the form of job losses, damaged infrastructure, interruption of operations, gaps in supply chains, and stock market decreases. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United States’ coastal shoreline counties account for 40% of the nation’s jobs and are responsible for 46% of our gross domestic product. Damage and stagnation in these regions ripple through the entire U.S. economy. After a hurricane, it is essential to repair and rebuild the affected areas as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the economic impacts.

Action Restoration Can Help

After a hurricane, most homeowners feel overwhelmed and may not know what to do or where to begin. If your home has been damaged by a hurricane, Action Restoration can help. We’ve been helping homeowners across the nation get their lives back since 1998. Using state-of-the-art equipment and a highly trained staff, we act as your partner to guide you through the challenging process of recovery.

We’ll work quickly to help you decide what’s salvageable, clean up the damage, and keep mold and mildew from spreading. We’ll also help with your insurance claim. Most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage restoration, but it can be difficult to handle such a complicated process in the midst of recovering from a natural disaster. Action Restoration has years of experience dealing with insurance companies after a fire or flood, so we can help you get your money quickly. Our experience makes us experts at making sure a home is restored safely, with no remaining mold or structural damage that could create a health hazard.

Life may never be the same after a hurricane; loved ones may be lost, possessions may be damaged beyond repair, and communities are often forever altered. At Action Restoration, we understand the situation homeowners are in after a hurricane. That’s why we do our absolute best to restore as much as we can and make sure that your home is once more a place of safety and security for your family.

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