What’s Involved in the Structural Drying Process?

Moisture intrusion and remaining moisture and water in the aftermath of a disaster can pose catastrophic risks to your structure, often even causing more damage than the incident itself. To avoid further damage and begin the remediation process, restoration specialists often employ structural drying services.

The Structural Drying Process

There are two main goals of the structural drying process: first, to prevent additional harm and damage to your structure, and then also to facilitate a complete recovery. In order to achieve this, the process typically goes as follows:

  • A complete structural analysis. In order to effectively provide drying services, restoration professionals must first know the extent of the water damage and remaining water and how to best stop further damage. To do this restoration specialists often employ the use of moisture mapping, digital imaging, and a complete structural analysis.
  • The application of drying equipment and services. Cutting-edge commercial water drying equipment helps remove excess moisture and prevent further harm to your structure.
  • Mold inspection. The presence of mold becomes a very fast and real threat as soon as water is introduced into your structure. Specialists will check and address mold if it is found.
  • Inspection of effectiveness. Dehumidification is the next stage in the process, which helps ensure standing moisture has been eliminated from your structure.

When is Structural Drying Necessary?

In the majority of cases of disaster involving water, some measure of structural drying will be necessary. There are many degrees of structural drying service, each providing a growing application of tools and services to suit your specific needs. Structural drying is a critical service because any moisture allowed to remain within your building can lead to more damage, mold growth, and possibly property loss.

Action Restoration utilizes structural drying techniques for:

Structural Drying Services in the Gulf Coast

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