Is Black Mold Dangerous?

Black Mold Exposure in Gulf Coast Properties

If you have found more than a square foot of black mold in your home or commercial building, it’s important to have it removed carefully and promptly by a professional restoration service. Because mold can spread quickly, waiting to solve this issue could result in further damage to your health or building structure. Black mold prefers to grow in materials rich in cellulose, such as wood and many construction materials. With many support beams and walls containing wood, black mold can eventually cause irreparable damage and a possible building collapse.

So is black mold really dangerous? Yes! In addition to causing structural damage, black mold can present some serious health hazards. When mold levels begin to increase, those who are sensitive to the fungus will experience greater effects. If left untreated, black mold can present respiratory problems, common allergic reaction symptoms, nervous-system disorders, and even depression.

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Preventing Black Bold Exposure in TX, LA, AL, MS & FL

Warm, dark, humid conditions are ideal for mold growth. Once you have had mold properly removed, you will want to take steps to prevent a future infestation. To prevent repetitive growth, you should determine what caused your black mold to grow the first time. In order for mold to grow, high levels of moisture, warm temperatures, and limited lighting are required. Follow these four steps to help prevent black mold from growing in your Gulf Coast home:

  • Reduce humidity. A dehumidifier is ideal for removing excess moisture from the air in your home. High levels of moisture enable and accelerate mold growth.
  • Prevent water leaks. Inspect all plumbing, dryer ducts, bathrooms, and other moisture-creating sources to be sure they are directed and vented outside the home or building. If material in your home is wet for more than 24 hours, then you run the risk of mold growth.
  • Keep items away from basement walls. Basements are a prime location for black mold growth because they are naturally dark and humid. Raise items such as clothing, firewood, and paper off the floor and away from the walls of your basement to reduce mold and mildew in your home.
  • Keep rooms well lit. Because mold thrives in dark environments, it’s a good idea to keep rooms well lit. Allowing sunlight into your rooms will not only create a cheery atmosphere, it can reduce the chances of black mold growth.

Black Mold Symptoms / Health Risks

When black mold begins to spread, tiny fungus spores are released into the air. If ingested or inhaled, these spores can cause a range of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms for all building or home occupants. Symptoms of black mold exposure or poisoning include:

  • Chronic coughing and sneezing
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat
  • Rashes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Persistent headaches

During longer, more severe periods of exposure, health risks can be more dangerous. These advanced symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the lungs and nose. Call a doctor right away if you are experiencing any of these above symptoms in response to mold exposure. If you suspect black mold growth in your Gulf Coast property, don’t hesitate to schedule your inspection service. Rely on the team of professionals at Action Restoration for prompt and careful black mold removal.

Learn more about the dangers of mold growth from the Global Healing Center.

Black Mold Removal & Testing in the Gulf Coast

If you need mold remediation at your home or business in the Gulf Coast region, contact Action Restoration today! We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the mold damage and provide your property with all necessary repairs and restorations. To make the process as easy as possible, our team can even assist you with your insurance claims.

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