Hurricane Sandy Damage Repair & Restoration

As you know by now, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on Monday night, slightly ahead of schedule, and a bit more powerful than initially predicted. With maximum sustained winds of 90mph at the time of landfall, Hurricane Sandy had the winds of a strong category one hurricane, although the National Weather Service stopped classifying the storm as a hurricane shortly before landfall due to a loss of tropical characteristics.

Hurricane Sandy has brought flooding and strong winds to homes and businesses across the Mid-Atlantic causing what could top $20 billion in damage – making it one of the most costly natural disasters in the history of the United States.

If your home or business has experienced water or wind damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy, call Action Restoration today! Action Restoration has a team of more than 100 hurricane responders to help get your home or business repaired and restored to its original state as quickly as possible. With years of experience handing hurricane-related natural disasters along the U.S. Gulf Coast, there are few companies in the U.S. that can match our expertise in providing fast and reliable hurricane damage repair.

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Hurricane Sandy Water & Flood Damage

Hurricane Sandy unleashed torrential rains throughout the Mid-Atlantic and devastating tidal surges along the coasts of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York causing extensive flooding and destruction. To minimize water damage repairs costs to your home or business, response time is critical. The faster your property can be assessed for damages and the water remediation process started, the more likely it is that your contents can be safely restored without costly replacement!

We have years of experience dealing with hurricane inflicted flood damage along the U.S. Gulf Coast and the most advanced equipment and technology to quickly and safely restore your property to its normal state


If your home or business has experienced water damage from Hurricane Sandy’s flooding rains or tidal surge, call 800-760-9081 or contact Action Restoration today! 

Hurricane Sandy Wind Damage

Hurricane Sandy came ashore with maximum sustained winds of 90mph, making the storm slightly stronger than expected – and stronger than many buildings are built to sustain in the Mid-Atlantic region. Hurricane Sandy’s wind damage was more devastating than what is seen with a typical tropical system because of the large area of hurricane and tropical storm force winds.

Hurricane Sandy’s tropical storm force winds extended more than 500 miles from the center of the storm, impacting areas that are not built to withstand hurricane conditions. This has resulted in millions of power outages and extensive damage to homes and businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region – with more damage expected in the coming days as the storm moves into the Northeast.

We provide wind damage repairs – including demolition and structural reconstruction services – for properties that have been damaged by severe winds.

If your home or business has experienced wind damage from Hurricane Sandy, call 800-760-9081 or contact Action Restoration today!

Contact Our Hurricane Response Team

If you need Hurricane Sandy damage repair in the Mid-Atlantic region, contact Action Restoration today or call 800-760-9081! Our hurricane response team will quickly assess the damage to your property and begin restoration work to get your property back to normal – fast!

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