How Should Fire Damage Cleanup Be Handled?

For many people, fires are the most devastating form of disaster—both physically and mentally. While damage caused by water or storms can sometimes be reversed and your cherished items restored, fire damage is often final and irreversible. When you have already endured the effects of a fire, you don’t want to—and shouldn’t have to—deal with incompetence from contractors and insurance agents that further complicate matters.

If your home or business has been affected by a fire, the process of fire damage clean-up can be both confusing and stressful, so you want to ensure that you are dealing with experienced and reputable companies so you can begin to put your life back together.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may have access to your home or business shortly after the fire. Although you should always lean on the expertise of a professional to restore your property after a fire, there are some things you can do to help the restoration process.

First Things First—Stay Safe

Fires can put a number of toxic particles into the air and also on fire damaged items. These particles can cause a variety of illnesses, so you must first have the fire department or an environmental expert test to make sure the property is safe to inhabit. Wearing protective gear is recommended to minimize the risks of being impacted by toxic particles.


During a fire, smoke and soot is deposited throughout your property—including the ventilation system. Open your windows and doors to allow air to freely flow and flush out the building. Be careful not to do this, however, if humidity is an issue in your area. If it is, you will want to bring in fans and dehumidifiers to remove smoke and reduce the risk of mold.

Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odor can be extremely difficult to remove, but if you wish to attempt it yourself, soak the material in a solution of automatic dishwashing soap and water overnight. This process may need to be repeated several times to completely remove odors.

We recommend working with a restoration professional, however. Restoration professionals have the equipment necessary to quickly and effectively remove smoke odor, including ozone treatments, advanced filtration systems, and thermal fogging.

In the weeks following fire damage, it is recommended that you change your air filters daily to reduce the number of smoke odor particles in the air.

Soot Removal

Even if your home or business is spared from complete destruction by a fire, soot particles can cause extensive damage—and create unhealthy conditions. During a fire, soot particles can spread far beyond the area where the fire actually occurred, leaving behind an oily substance throughout your property. Proper and timely removal can help minimize further damage to the items affected. For light soot damage on textiles, soot can often be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Often, household vacuum cleaners are insufficient, however, and you will need a commercial quality product.

If your walls are covered in soot, first be sure to wear protective equipment and ensure that the area is well ventilated. Use a chemical sponge or a non-water-based cleaner to most effectively remove soot from walls.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Action Restoration possesses the optimum amount of expertise, knowledge, and experience in the fire damage field. We know how to solve your fire damage repair needs quickly, safely, and effectively. There is no need to have lingering fire damage, and it is something easily avoidable should you consult that right service provider. At Action Restoration, we believe that the key to progressing forward from these disasters is a fire damage service provider that can restore your place of business back to its original form. Contactus today!

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