Common Holes in Home Insurance Plans

Many people assume that when they purchase home owners insurance, they are purchasing something that will protect their home from anything. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Standard home insurance policies do not cover a number of the most common natural disasters, leaving homeowners to fend for themselves when nature does its worst.

If you’re unsure what your insurance policy covers, read on below to learn about common issues that are not covered under a standard policy, then check yours to verify.

Earthquake Damage

In much of the country earthquakes are not a threat, but there are millions of Americans that live in areas that are capable of producing damaging earthquakes—despite them not being frequent occurrences. Just a few years ago, we saw this when a Virginia based earthquake caused extensive damage throughout central Virginia, all the way into the Washington, DC area. While not as destructive as what most people envision when they think earthquake damage, the earthquake left behind millions of dollars in damages that were not covered by insurance policies.

Flood Damage

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters in the U.S. today and overall, the most costly. While it is fairly common knowledge these days that flood damage is not covered on a standard insurance policy, many people still opt not to have it because they believe they are in an area where flood cannot happen. During major natural disasters like hurricanes or tropical storms, flooding rains can make even areas where flooding was thought impossible, possible—and flooding as a result of hurricanes or other tropical systems is not covered as storm damage.

Sump Pump Malfunction

Sump pumps are designed to keep your home from flooding if you have a basement or crawl space that water leaks into, but what happens if your sump pump malfunctions? For most people, homeowners insurance will not cover this—as it is considered flood damage.

Frozen Pipes

If your pipes freeze, you may be liable for the costs associated with the damages caused. If, for example, you do not keep the home heated, the pipes insulated, or the pipes drained, some insurance companies will refuse to cover the damage as they consider it neglect on the part of the homeowner.

Contact Your Insurance Agent to Learn More About Your Coverage

You should always know exactly what is and is not covered in your insurance policy. If you are unsure about any of the things listed above, it would be a good idea to contact your insurance agent to verify coverage.

Restoration Services in the Gulf Coast Region

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