The 10 Most Common Problems from Disasters

The Gulf Coast is more vulnerable than ever to problems occurring from disasters like fires and storms. When issues arise after a disaster, Action Restoration is ready to jump into the fray and clean up messes that stand in the way of business recovery and home habitability. We are tried and true partners for solving the following top 10 disaster-related problems.

1. Flooding

The power of water flooding a building can create significant damage to plaster, drywall, wood, concrete, and even metal. The longer you leave water sitting, the more damage it can do, so call Action Restoration for thorough water extraction services.

2. Excess Moisture

Even if a storm doesn’t leave you with significant standing water, leftover excess moisture can lead to water damage in time. A water damage assessment will determine whether you need structural drying or dehumidifying to stop the slow process of degradation from excess moisture.

3. Mold

One common result of either flooding or residual moisture after a storm is the rapid growth of mold. It often hides in dark, less-used spaces like attics or basements where you may not see it until health symptoms set in. Mold remediation can solve these issues before they become severe.

4. Burst or Frozen Pipes

Unexpected cold snaps that take out the power can result in burst or frozen pipes that need immediate response to make a building habitable again.

5. Smoke Damage

Fires leave significant damage, from dry smoke marks to a sticky, smelly residue that is difficult to remove. Trust Action Restoration to remove all traces of smoke damage after a fire.

6. Hail Damage

Although hail is fairly rare on the Gulf Coast, it can cause significant aesthetic damage to building exteriors. Hail repair typically addresses dents or cracks.

7. Content Damage

A disaster of any kind may result in damage to the contents of a building. Not everything can be salvaged, but Action Restoration will inventory and clean whatever can be saved during our contents restoration process.

8. Contamination

Water-based disasters can quickly flood your home or business with a variety of nasty contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Decontamination with EPA-registered ASA-1000 decontamination is the only way to keep your family or employees safe after flooding.

9. Revealed Asbestos

Any disaster that causes structural damage to a building built before 1978 is likely to reveal asbestos. Once asbestos begins to break down, it causes severe health problems that can be avoided by bringing in Action Restoration to remove the dangerous material immediately.

10. Sewage Overflow

An undoubtedly unpleasant result of disasters is sewage overflow. Not only is it typically nauseating, but it can also spread dangerous pathogens all over a home or business. Sewage overflow cleanup combined with decontamination services will restore your building to a safe and useable condition as though nothing ever happened.

Action When You Need It Now

Disasters happen. Action Restoration stands ready to respond to the many possible scenarios you may encounter as a home or business owner after a flood, fire, storm, or another disaster in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida.

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