Attic Mold Remediation in TX, MS, LA & AL

Mold colonies and outbreaks in your attic space can lead to hugely dangerous and destructive situations for the structure of your home or business. Mold establishes, spreads, and regenerates at an alarming rate. A fast, professional response is the best method of ensuring your structure is not harmed further. To stave off property loss and restore your space, choose the certified teams at Action Restoration for your attic mold removal.

Action Restoration utilizes industry-leading cutting edge technology and peerlessly trained specialists to ensure your restoration and remediation needs are totally met. No matter the scale of your mold problems, large or small, our teams can guarantee total recovery.

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Why You Need to Remove Attic Mold

Attics and top-floor storage space are surprisingly susceptible to moisture, and by extension, mold. Mold takes less than a single day to cultivate into a full scale outbreak, leaving your structure at risk of:

  • Long term structural damage. Mold facilitates rot and can consume large quantities of wood, drywall, and other vulnerable materials. This translates to weaker roof structure, walls, and ceilings; all of which can potentially trigger severe structural damage and even structural collapse.
  • Risks to occupant health. Persons within a structure that has been infested with mold commonly experience flu-like or cold symptoms, and those who suffer from allergies will almost certainly suffer increased allergic reactions. Furthermore, mold can potentially carry harmful spore throughout your structure, resulting in respiratory complications.
  • Property loss. Insulation and personal/inventory items stored in an infested attic are at risk of severe damage, and may be impossible to recover. This is why immediate professional care is exceptionally important.

Attic Mold Removal with Action Restoration

Once even a small area of your attic has been exposed to mold, a full-scale and damaging colony can take over in as little as 24 hours. The specialists at Action Restoration offer complete mold removal and remediation with:

  • Drying processes. When needed, Action Restoration will provide structural drying to eliminate present moisture that can create further outbreaks or feed existing ones. With our industry-leading drying equipment, we can guarantee a properly sized and capable drying system to meet your needs.
  • Surface cleaning. All areas that have come into contact with or show signs of mold will be cleaned and decontaminated with our proprietary eco-friendly ASA-1000 decontaminant solution.
  • Mold removal. Items that can be restored will be handled by our contents restoration service; those that are beyond recovery will be safely removed for a full structure recovery.
  • Mold inspection. When our attic restoration is complete, Action Restoration will perform a full analysis of your structure to ensure no further mold problems exist.

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Why Choose Action Restoration for Your Attic Mold Remediation?

In the last two decades, Action Restoration has become an industry-leading remediation service. We are wholly dedicated to providing professional, comprehensive and trustworthy restoration and remediation services to our Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi clients.

  • We are a privately owned business.
  • We hold dozens of certifications, including IICRC certified restoration teams.
  • Our staff includes a full team of over ten thousand certified specialists.
  • We utilize cutting-edge tools and technology to diagnose, repair, clear, clean and address your need for remediation services.
  • We have long-standing and successful business relationships with our consumers.

Contact Action Restoration for Complete Attic Mold Remediation in the Southern Gulf

Be aware that when mold is a concern in your structure, time is absolutely key. As long as mold exists within your structure, your home or business is at risk.

Contact Action Restoration right away to get the mold removal, recovery, and remediation services you need in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama.

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