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Professional Restoration Services in Florida

Florida’s muggy, tropical climate might be fun if you’re a beachgoer, but it’s less amusing if you’re a building. The state isn’t kind to architectural infrastructure. Its wet weather reduces longevity, encourages mold, and creates rising damp that will wreck your paint in three months flat. Higher groundwater levels and floods don’t help either, and it’s difficult to build against today’s climate conditions when tomorrow’s will be irrevocably altered by climate change. Restoration is thus a core part of any Florida building’s life. A great restoration project can preserve a building’s soul. The best restorers never try to create something new without taking a building’s past into account, but not all restoration work is aesthetic. Restoration targets several key services:

Mold Remediation

Mold exposure can cause more than mere sinus and skin irritation. Coughing, asthma, and shortness of breath won’t do much for your staff morale or sick days. As mold remediation specialists, we’re able to run a tight cleanup process that restores as it cures. We’ll assess your mold growth to pick up intrusion that’s not easily visible to the human eye. That includes checking for moisture and its devious route into your building. Mold contamination can even affect your HVAC system, so we approach this step with the utmost care. Remediation includes isolating the area before cleaning up existing mold and suppressing dust strictly according to EPA standards. Decontamination In a post-COVID world, commercial building managers are more in touch with the importance of decontamination, but Action Restoration’s team has many years of experience within this niche. Our work in commercial and industrial buildings has taught us the importance of thoroughness. We target all the hidden spaces of your building, from its ducts and subsurfaces to its mechanical spaces so that you can start a new work day with the utmost confidence.

Water Damage

Florida serves up some of the wettest weather in the world, with year-round humidity and frequent summer rains, not to mention the damage a hurricane flood can do. Water intrusion is every bit as destructive as fire, but we have the specialist convection equipment required to dry water and combat plumbing failures. Our deep knowledge of subtropical climates has taught us how to redirect all that destructive water. We offer comprehensive structural dehumidification, which offers your best chance at preventing further damage after a flood. Our team is skilled at coping with sewage and overflow plumbing, too. Add appliance leak restoration and basement water removal to the list, and you can cope with any water-related crisis without breaking a sweat.

Disaster Response

You can’t control when a disaster strikes, but you can certainly control the speed at which you recover when you have Action Restoration on your side. Our specialized laboratory-developed techniques and emergency power systems include commercial drying equipment. That means we can restore your building before your site has even dried—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fire Damage

If fire and smoke damage limited itself to external aesthetic features, restoration would be a breeze. Unfortunately, they also target your infrastructure. Smoke leaves several forms of residue behind. Dry, powdery residue is easy enough to lift, but its sticky and oily, fuel-based residues are more stubborn. Each demands its own cleanup strategy. We’ll remove soot, deodorize your space, and even clean harmful particulates from your ductwork and other structural features.

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Restoration is every bit as preventive as it is reparative, so every time we complete a restoration contract, we consider how we can prevent future crises. Action Restoration does more than just undo damage—we remind your building of what it’s always wanted to be.
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